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This Man Needs A Slogan

For your enjoyment, here is an inspiring video from a guy clearly angling to be a 2016 presidential candidate:

I like the American flag flapping patriotically in the breeze at the beginning of the ad–nice touch–but if Ted really wants to run for national office, he needs to stop stealing slogans from other campaigns.  288 more words

Si, se puede!

I went to see the movie Cesar Chavez today.  I wanted to see it on its opening weekend because those are the numbers that count for the movie moguls, and I want to encourage more movies like this.   1,075 more words

Ted Cruz Video - 2014 Stand For Principle - Defend The Bill of Rights

2014 baby! Constitutional resurgence!

Please click the arrow to watch the video

Ted Cruz_ Stand for Principle!

JavaScript required to play Ted Cruz_ Stand for Principle! 141 more words

Sen. Ted Cruz

'Running for president?' New Ted Cruz video turns the awesomeness dial up to eleven

You’re probably pretty fed up with the whole “Yes We Can” thing, right? Well, that’s because you haven’t heard Sen. Ted Cruz’s take on it: 292 more words

US Politics

Welcome to Belgium President Obama.

For those of you who didn’t know it yet: I’m from Belgium. I grew up on the countryside. Lived there until I moved to Brussels 8 years ago. 625 more words


What is Customer Service?

Its been quite amazing responses we have been getting from our desire to explore your business world through adequate and more reliable customer service relationship. 328 more words