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S'entourer des bonnes personnes!

Avant, surtout à l’adolescence quand j’entreprenais un régime, comme pour essayer de me fondre dans la masse et me faire accepter, j’aimais signaler que “OUI JE SUIS AU REGIME !” à l’époque cela voulait plutôt dire “OUI JE SERAIS BIENTOT COMME VOUS,OK on peut être ami s’il vous plait?”. 431 more words


And Salon Jumps the Shark

A WTF from Salon.com as they exceed their own parody:

Put a man in uniform, preferably a white man, give him a gun, and Americans will worship him.

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Gentleman Rankers

China mocks Obama as being 'insipid'

Barack Obama has been ridiculed by Chinese state media, who have mocked his “Yes we can” mantra

Chinese President Hu Jintao (L) and US President Barack Obama meet in Hawaii in 2011 Photo: AFP/Getty… 397 more words

Change your thoughts, change your World!

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Dear friends,

Yesterday was voting day in Romania. A tough day for all of us, seasoned with a huge responsibility for our future and for our children’s future. 145 more words

My Kind Of World

BELIEVE - By Adedoyin Akanni

If not grace,
Where thou hast be
Be glad in all thine ways
Yes, this is forth coming
From glory,
To victory, 30 more words

Krone Africa

YOU are in charge with your life

Guess what? I’m here!
I’m doing what I said I would do: I’m showing up and writing.

Good morning, friends!

Yesterday’s post left me with mixed feelings: on one hand, I felt relieved to have been completely sincere with you (and with myself for that matter) and on the other hand, I felt the heaviness of my promise. 320 more words

Meaningful Living

Chasing dreams & turning them into reality

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Dear friends,

Rise and shine! The sun is up again!
How is everybody on Monday? 258 more words

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