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Hourglass Marathon

Running out

Slipping away




Falling into the deep abyss

of forgotten yesterdays

and unfulfilled tomorrows.

Urgent niggling

in the mind’s forefront

reminder of the sand… 42 more words

The Market Today 4/17/14: Over

Over On every broadcast yesterday on CNBC, and other financial news publications, they were asking the question, is the correction over? Not to be picky, but a few percentage pull back does not make a correction. 173 more words


still one of my favs!

because its real life. <3

"YES… im really here today..i manifested to something i never thought i would be/
i cant be tested/ i WORK to be the person you see, i put in effort/ 70 more words

Thoughts on Dating..& Health

Feeling a bit better and decided to skip the doctor. I do have a sore throat because I talked to much on the phone last night after saying it was a Text Only day. 238 more words

Hear These Words- The Ten Commandments

In the Old Testament, God gave Moses the Ten Commandments to the children of Israel. These commandments still apply to our lives today! Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever more! 20 more words

Word Of God

Videopick sessions

The first video recorded from VideoPick is now online. I’ll be sharing them here as they go online!

Also, two new dates announced:

17/05/2014 – BeatClub, Leiria – Zebra Sessions… 36 more words


She Sleeps With The Angels

It’s in the trees, and upon her skinny wrists.

It’s somewhere out of reach, and floating in the clouds.

(Angel come closer, and bring me your dreams) 422 more words