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Given to God

From the
Relaxed in
The dark
A name
Like my own
Not alone
No uncertainty
Will be
As if should be

Introducing Family Genes Re-Generated

I used to think I looked like Esther Williams.  In case you are still young, Esther was a movie star who was a swimmer.

Many summers ago I used to “go swimming” with girlfriends, and we would pretend to be Esther Williams and her team of synchronized swimmers.   340 more words



Placeholder until I have time to blog tonight. Sorry!

I’ll just leave that there so you guys know what this post turned into! The title also sort of has a meaning with how I feel right now. 185 more words


All Your Todays!

Quotes are wonderful things. They remind us of … well … who we are; how we’d like to be and feel, or how we are feeling in the moment. 111 more words

Why - The Inspired Word

Heart Attack

Yesterday my wife and I were at the local boat & cottage show where I met someone who I used to work with 5 years ago when I had my painting company. 170 more words

Why not?

Look at the stars at 3am
Wonder why they still shine
When you feel so utterly off
Wonder why they’re a yes and you’re a no… 87 more words


We Connect

We connect with family
with friends
with the people we meet along the way
with those who have interests similar to ours
with those who understand our humor… 83 more words