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Without Hate We Can't Love

Which came first? Hate or love? Good or bad? Chicken or egg?

The Talmud tells us that we are born with the Yetzer Hara, or Evil inclination, and that the Yetzer Tov (Good inclination) doesn’t come until we are older (around the time we start to learn Torah, as I recall.) The Christian world calls it¬†Original Sin. 981 more words


Why We Don't Do What We Know Is Good For Us

Our phone rang immediately after last Shabbos, and when I went to screen the call see who it was, I saw my mother’s cell phone number on the caller i.d. ¬† 1,437 more words


Unsatisfied art

Part of being an artist is never feeling satisfied with your creation. It is why you start creating to start off with.

You feel that something needs to be fixed. 789 more words