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Letter from your Yetzer Hara

I just got it, and I thought it was beautiful and just had to share it!
I never thought of the Yetzer Hara like this before….makes me feel much more positive! 826 more words

Why do we sin? Why try? Part 2 (+An extra Poem)

​Hey everyone!!!
So here is what one girl wrote in:

 I have an answer. It is much harder to fear something we can’t see. If Hashem was a person, watching our every move, we would all be terrified and not sin, but since we can’t see Hashem, its much harder to feel like he’s watching us every second. 675 more words


Why do we sin? Why do we try? Why aren't we scared? Part 1

Why do we sin?
Seriously, we are in Hashem’s world, he gave us this life, every moment, breath, health, family, friends, school, smarts, talents…..everything!!!!
He is everywhere, right next to us, how can we not feel embarrassed to sin?!?!?!?! 459 more words


I'm trying to pray, but the Yetzer Hara wants to play- Poem

Oh Hashem give me strength
Where have I gone?
The Yetzer Hara is laughing
But I won’t chuckle along

Oh Hashem I try
they say you are in the field… 335 more words


Shabbat Ha'azinu: Only Uncertainty Leads to New Truth - Jump, Already

During these ten Days of Awe in which we now find ourselves, we are challenged to really try to change from the ingrained habits that define us. 520 more words

Dancing with the Yetzer Hara

Hi everyone!!
Sorry I’m so busy, I hardly have time to think….you know?
When school starts, we are put in a routine, a fast paced dance and we have to always make sure we don’t get behind… 481 more words