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None Stand Brighter!

None Stand Brighter!

Of kings and queens

None stand brighter

Than a lamb of pure blinding white

His only royalty

A shepherds hook

And a star shining brilliantly bright… 152 more words


Hanukkah 1 - Week of light

*Minor detail: I just found out that Hanukkah starts tonight according to the Rabbinic tradition, but since we follow the Karaite Jew calendar, we’ll be starting tomorrow. 476 more words




like a hummingbird

flitting in and out of a turtlehead flower

flitting in and out of my heart


like a butterfly

fluttering up and down in a breeze… 66 more words


Wings as eagles.

“Regarding that world, we have learned that the blessed Holy One intends to provide them with wings like eagles to roam throughout the world as it is written: ‘They who await YHVH shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles.” (Isaiah 40:31) 79 more words