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I’ve used the term, and various spellings to discuss Yiddishkeit (Yiddish: ייִדישקייט) which literally means “Jewishness”.

I use it do describe a “Jewish essence” of Ashkenazi Jews. 498 more words

In Onheyb Hot Got Bashafn Dem Himl Un Di Erd

I spoke yesterday of the hubris of Hillel, the cleverest man in Chelm. I am aware there is a good measure of Chutzpah inherent in my taking my personal surface reactions to a reading of the Torah and making them public. 1,358 more words


An Atheist Reads Torah

There is no God, and there is no moral order to the universe.

Something changed when my wife, who was the best person I knew, died young. 1,007 more words


For the Love of the Punim

This is a column about Simcha, our pooch.

Twenty things about Simcha in no particular order:

1. Simcha is the Hebrew word for joy and Punim is the Yiddish word for face. 663 more words

The Taste of the Enemy in Our Mouths

In writing about the psychological legacy of helplessness and shame historically attached to the Yiddish language, I argued that legacy is not only historical, but present. 846 more words



Class started again on Tuesday. It was great to see my classmates from last year. Also a little discouraging, as we lost a couple of students, and there were already too few of us. 1,348 more words


SNIPPETS OF HISTORY: ' Kafka's Hebrew Notebook and Crowns of Damascus Bibles '

#AceHistory2ResearchNews – ISRAEL(Jerusalem) – October 08 – These are treasures that Israel doesn’t allow anyone to check out of its national library. Kafka’s Hebrew Vocabulary Notebook. 172 more words