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Embellished Aleph Bet Chart (Yiddish) Needlepoint Kit

Reviews Embellished Aleph Bet Chart (Yiddish) Needlepoint Kit for sale

Please take a few moments to view the Embellished Aleph Bet Chart (Yiddish) Needlepoint Kit… 80 more words

Can't take it with you

Tachrichim mach men on keshenes

Shrouds are made without pockets.


Watch Elderly Jews Explain Yiddish Words [FUN VIDEO]

by Stephanie Butnick
September 11, 2014

You wouldn’t plotz if you lost a bingo game; zaftig is ‘more plump than heavy’

The folks at the Los Angeles Jewish Home have put together an adorable, Internet-ready  68 more words


Newark is not New York (Postscript to ‘Echos’)

Luckily, I said Tongue’s Memory would be a blog about *learning* Yiddish, not about knowing Yiddish. One post in, and I made my first mistake, and it led me to learn something interesting. 749 more words


The Top Five MARVEL Schmucks

Defining a word as amazing as schmuck is very difficult.  There are many similar words: fool, idiot, dodo, doofus, loser, moron, dumbass, half-witt.  These are all beautiful words that do a great job describing the majority of the world’s population, but none of these words have the emotion that schmuck brings with it, and none can carry the love.  162 more words



In Robert’s Adventures, a Yiddish children’s book by Shloime Simon, written in the 1930s but set a generation earlier, there is a scene in which Robert and his… 976 more words