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Borgen macht zorgen.

Borrow causes sorrow.


A Thousand Clowns: The Nebbishes

A Thousand Clowns was nominated for a bunch of Academy Awards in the 1965 season. Martin Balsam won for Best Supporting Actor as Jason Robards’ straight shooter brother Arnold. 248 more words

Slack Off

Shtetl Feathers

At a certain time and in a certain place there lived a very old man. He was a friendly old man with creaky knees who needed a walking cane to get from there to here. 728 more words


Better Good and a Little

Besser gut un a bissel aider shlechts un a fuleh shissel.

Better good and a little rather than bad and a lot of it.


I believe Mystically and Magically Great Grandma Chava Watches Over Me

Even though I was born long after the Holocaust ended, I have a connection that defies logic. I am named for my great grandmother Chava. She was hidden during the war and was murdered when she returned to the farm her family owned by the people who occupied and stole it. 863 more words


Who Are the Jews in Israel Today?

Growing up under Christian Zionist and dispensationalist teachings, I took for granted that the following narrative that was presented to me was the correct one: 1,811 more words


Old Photographs Bring Memories to Life

My siblings and I recently spent a weekend together cleaning the attic, basement and garage of a house in the Catskills that our family has owned for well over 50 years.   980 more words