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Kim Jong Un must die!

No, not really.  Well…maybe.  He is a ruthless dictator who brutally represses his people, or so I’m told.  And, he has a bad haircut.  But, I digress.   269 more words


Here's to a new start...

Hello readers,

Welcome to my first blog, Sane With A Side of Chrain.

My name Is Joseph Reynolds (pronounced “Yosef” by my family and friends).  I am just a regular 20-year-old guy, living in the Big Apple, and I am finding that I have thoughts that are put to better use written down than in my head. 785 more words



From Hebrew, meaning “fat person”, or Yiddish, meaning “stupid person”.

Not sure that there are any.

– Schmendrick, the aspiring magician who accompanies the unicorn on her quest to find the rest of her people, in the fantasy novel  7 more words


“ A shprakh iz a dialekt mit an armey un flot”

(16/12/2014)  Some said once that a language is a dialect with a a navy. The creator of the sentence was Max Weinreich, that expressed it in his original yiddish “ A shprakh iz a dialekt mit an armey un flot” when refering to the arbitrariness of what is consider a language. 103 more words


Response to Goodman's 'Falling in Love with Yiddish' (part 2 of 3)

One of these three true stories is not like the others:

1. Sometime around New Year’s of 1990, I drove from central Florida down to Miami Beach with my fiancé Leslie. 1,495 more words


On Grief and Yiddish: Answer to Matt Goodman, Part One

“I fell in love with Yiddish in 1994,” wrote Matthew Goodman in The American Scholar six years afterwards, “which is to say, too late.” The Michal Chabon essay I described a couple of weeks ago, with its mixture of derision and lament, is only one example of the genre of the personal essay response to the decline of Yiddish in the twentieth century. 981 more words


The Nuances of Nu!

It is amazing how two little letters can have so many meanings. Just an inflection of the voice, a shrug of the shoulders, a smile on the face, a touch of the hands, and ‘Nu” means something totally different.   540 more words