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Winter Solstice Is The Yin-est Yin

Awww, could there be a cuter way of illustrating the taijitu (aka the yin/yang circle)? Yesterday was the winter solstice, meaning the biggest part of the dark part of the yin/yang circle. 19 more words

Yin And Yang

HAIKU -- 12212014-8

oh the weariness —

Yin and Yang

and back again


© Copyright 2013-2014 Ron Evans 18 more words


Yin & Yang

There are those who don’t enjoy spending money and those who enjoy it too much.

I’m the latter and I can’t seem to control it. … 351 more words


Natural reminder

When nature gives me a sense of awakening;
touches even the darkest places,
giving me a little reminder that even in my darkest moments something bright may come of it. 14 more words


100 Words: You Are The Light

In these darkest of days, I can be blinded by the over-bright artificial light and deafened by the cacophony of reindeer games. I can find my little boat swamped by the darkness and me bailing out the icy water to keep afloat. 61 more words

100 Words

Sir Yang and Lady Yin

Yang fills up half a circular space. He moves. And wherever he moves, the negative space conforms perfectly to him. He calls the space She; and then he calls her Yin. 67 more words


Me Tarzan You Jane...ok on the Yoga mat...but not in the Work Place?

Imagine this: you are attending a yoga day; your tutor is a guy in early middle age, black T-shirt, black sweat pants, dyed black hair, and an all over tan. 580 more words