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How can we know happiness without unhappiness?

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There’s nature, and then there’s… us?

So here’s a thought or twelve. It’s pretty much acceptable for tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes and other such natural disasters to occur. Maybe no one wants to be in the pathway of an erupting volcano but nobody’s really going to say that it was wrong for the volcano to erupt. 519 more words


There would be no


without a

yang … 

Change cannot occur without static 

thought … 

True beauty lies opposite the ugliest      

truth …                                    

and… 26 more words


Finding Your Travel 'Yang': 5 Tips for Choosing Your Travel Partner

Deciding to venture out solo, go with your best bud or team up with a friend of a friend? Recall the Chinese philosophical concept of the yin and yang? 832 more words


Life (Yin, Yang)

11th July, 2000 | 21:45 – 21:50

All hopes have some doubt,
all fears make you brave.
All laughter has some pain,
all losses makes you strong. 66 more words

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Beerism Blends! An investigation into beer blending with Evil Twin's Yin & Yang

There are several reasons why beers get blended. For instance, (1) Belgian Lambic producers have been blending beers for centuries in order to create the perfect balance between old and young beer. 1,540 more words

Beer Reviews

Happiness factor

I’m on the internet a lot as I am sure you are too and of late I’ve noticed a surge in ‘happiness’ blog posts and messages. 277 more words

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