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Fall Into A Harvest of Lucky Charms

As September closes and pumpkin and amber tinted leaves fall  ever closer to our door, we dream of fireplaces , hot cocoa, tricks, treats and pumpkin pie. 359 more words

Art And Design

Yin and Yang in our food for health

I use this concept of yin and yang food as a general guideline to keep in mind and I am by no means an expert or a strict adherent. 803 more words

Well Bee-ing

We are one – nothing else mattered

when we fly together
we are the like wind
the ocean leaps with joy
we can go on forever
in love with one another
my form is perfect… 32 more words


where will running from unhappiness (or chasing happiness) take you? (daily hot! quote)

“You cannot run from unhappiness and expect to find endless joy. Opposites are intertwined, forever orbiting and unable to exist without one another. But more than joy, there is freedom; and in freedom, there is love, which has no opposite. 7 more words


Living Poets Society

I watched Dead Poets Society last night. It may be my favourite movie of all time. In many ways it reveals my soul, it depicts exactly my reaction to poetry and great literature. 349 more words

Now darkness would know joy

Two fronts converged
the dark encircled the light
swallowed it’s joy, it’s love
but then it hiccuped as sun’s rays
blasted through both yin and yang… 13 more words


Autumn Workshop time

Saturday 11th October 10-11am (Series of 6 sessions)

Aerial Yoga course with Jo Mondy

Feel your body unwind and relax as you move between yoga postures in a supportive silk hammock. 640 more words