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"Soft is Stronger than Hard"

Part of my job responsibilities as a product manager for a Technology company involved making periodic trips to different regions of the world to visit with electronics manufacturers who were using our test equipment in their factories. 836 more words


Embracing the Yin in Costa Rica

The white side represented the male. You know. Shining, strong, noble, upright, something-ness that was active, productive and everything cool. But I was not to worry. 30 more words


to live (a quote from Emily Dickinson)

“To live is so startling it leaves little time for anything else.”

―Emily Dickinson


Shades of Black

How exactly does one define someone as a ‘bad person’? I mean, there must be some threshold of ‘evilness’ that the person needs to cross, right? 1,213 more words


MANJAZ Yin & Yang Tourbillon

La casa Manjaz siempre ha respetado su herencia, lo que no ha sido obstáculo para aplicar aspectos modernos a sus creaciones.

Los tourbillon Yin y Yang son la última expresión audaz unión entre las facetas tradicionales y contemporáneas de la relojería creatividad. 282 more words


Embracing the Yin in Costa Rica

I developed a strong dislike of Chinese philosophy in early high school, the first time that the well-known yin-yang diagram was explained to me. I’m sure that different words were used, but what I remember being told was that the dark sort of fish looking thing represented the female. 723 more words



“Not everything is black,
Which means not everything can be white.
Sometimes a mysteriously grey area,
Is where humanity discovers its’ delight.

Truth be told things shouldn’t be this way. 25 more words