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Honoring The Darkness, Walking In The Light

I want to write about something that is very difficult for me, and yet, is necessary. It is about darknessā€¦the shadow side that resides inside each of us. 455 more words


Quest For The Right Mind Space

One of the biggest internal conflicts that I face as a budding writer is to make a choice between what I want to write and what I think people want to read. 391 more words


On trend#2: chokers

We have recently seen a reawakening of the choker necklace trend which have been all over the runways on NY, Milan, Paris and London.

Ralph Lauren showed off stacked, bejeweled chokers, see below: 79 more words


you don't need a yin practice.

so, i was working with a student–coincidentally named yin–and she was pontificating the value of a yin practice. her exact words (to the best of my recollection): “i really should start a yin practice, huh?” 545 more words

General Yoga

Life Advice From My Nail Art

I’ve always loved yin-yang symbols. I think mostly because I find them aesthetically pleasing. I mean, black and white and simple, smooth lines? That’s a dream in terms of aesthetically pleasing to me. 355 more words


Always and Never

Always and Never

This one was touched on during a survival tip, however it is in the foundation of what I teach goalies. I explain early on that I will train them in situations that either are always or never, but there is no such thing as always an never. 163 more words

Justin Kassab

living with ourselves in highly-designed spaces

Most of us live in extremely well-designed spaces, whose sheer convenience makes them invisible to us.


We think that talking to yourself is selfish because you’re shutting out others. 527 more words