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Hoka Clifton Review - First Run

So today was my spinning class and a long run on the treadmill after class.  Focus was a few things: 1) Tryout the new shoes, 2) Not to over do it, 3) but to push myself and not allow myself to get comfortable.   432 more words

A baldness horror story


My wife recently said to me, “Did you ever notice at the Y that many of the middle-aged men have hairpieces? And they’re bad hairpieces?” 710 more words

Joseph Tintle

Exercise / Holistic Physical

Thursday got away from me so I am actually a day behind posting.  I did manage to knock out my intervals tonight and was excited that I once again made it up to level 9 on the treadmill but was able to hold that for 40 secs on and 20 secs off twice.   534 more words

Missing India and Team 2015

Tomorrow is the start of team 2015 with our first meeting.  I am really excited but slightly nervous at the same time.

I have not been on project since 2011, which seems like such a long time ago.   241 more words


January Blahs

I met a woman in the hot tub last night.
Nah, it was nothing like that. I was at the ‘Y’ and it was one of the few times the hot tub was actually in working order and open for use. 790 more words

Run (to) the Y

Why run at the Y on a treadmill when you can run to the Y instead? The sidewalks on Mill are in decent shape. At least one side of the road was pretty clear. 70 more words


Sports behind Barbed Wire

Life behind barbed wire was generally monotonous and strictly regulated and for those spending upwards of five years in internment camps were liable to suffer significant mental strain. 183 more words

Prisoner Of War