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An open letter to my first-ever yoga students

Today I taught my first yoga class.  Okay, that’s not entirely true; a couple of weeks back I taught a class to some fellow backpackers during sunset in Raglan, New Zealand.  510 more words


How To Laugh Your Way To Health And Happiness

In our busy and stressful lives today, many of us have forgotten how to laugh and have fun. We can become consumed by the many things we have to do and we can end up taking ourselves and our lives too seriously. 558 more words


Another day

Today is one of those days. The kind where you want to roll the covers back over your head. I fell asleep last night without setting my alarm for my workout class that’s become a Wednesday morning tradition. 316 more words


What if we listened more?

Have you listened lately?  To yourself?  Sounds awkward but srsly reflect for a moment.  My yoga teacher recently shared a sutra that says “a yogi’s actions are neither black or white,” and she asked us to… 149 more words


Humble Warrior

I thought bravery, was never needing help from anyone else. Never asking questions. Because questions signal something is unknown. And a lack of knowledge meant weakness. 247 more words