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I see London, I see France...

…I can see China through your pants!

Ah – the yoga teacher “perch” – the various spots in a room where the teacher stands to observe the class that allows them to fully see all aspects of the postures and all students. 339 more words


Food for the Soul... Finding the path to energetic wellness |

Check out my first post for my column on the Happiness Series: Food for the Soul!

If You Knew Me When…

If you would have met me in college, you would have known the Guramrit who indulged in a big order of cheese fries, heavy on the cheese, and who suffered from all kinds of allergies no one even knew were actually possible to be allergic to… think cockroaches, dust, feathers and mice (yes, mice). 111 more words


The Guest Blog: Meditations at 4 A.M. By Jeff Cannon

It is four a.m. The steroids they gave me for my angiogram are keeping me awake. Not just awake, but blazingly hyper-aware and hyper-awake. I am truly not sure how professional athletes can do them on an ongoing basis. 301 more words


The History of My Feet: Episode I

Ahhh, the (his)tory of my feet..

This topic came up for a blog post when I heard something AMAZING the other day.  I was streaming a class from YogaGlo with Tara Judelle, and she said: … 136 more words


Like a Japanese Ham Sandwich: Thoughts on Bikram Yoga

When my high school boyfriend brought me to a Bikram Yoga class for our second date (Which was not completely out of line – our first date was at a 24 Hour Fitness), I instantly fell in love with the practice. 551 more words


When there is a strong woman character in a story - that always grabs me. Ang Lee

Ang Lee said this during an interview about the making of Crouching Tiger Hidden DragonI think many of his movies have dealt with the relationship between tradition and modernity as well as the hidden emotions within the relationship of the self.  411 more words

Inside The River

So this is life

Took me a while to return to my favorite hike. I blamed the snow. And my tropical temperate sensibilities. Though admittedly I am probably the only Coloradan to be so glad to see snow. 252 more words