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The Science Behind Temple Bells

In most western sacred spaces such as churches visitors and members are required to show their reverence by remaining silent. However, in Indian Temples one will see everyone from the smallest babies being held by their families to frail elders and of course the healthy and robust visitor, Ringing the Temple bells loudly, maybe even several times….so imagine during a procession of a family of large or small numbers to pilgrimages with hundreds the constant bell ringing. 305 more words


& so it begins...

I haven’t blogged since May last year!

Well since May, I got married, got a new job and signed up for yoga teacher training! I thought it would be a great time to get back into my blog during my teacher training program, I can track my journey and share it with others. 296 more words


Affair With My Yoga Instructor

I am having an affair with my yoga instructor.

It started about five years ago. I was new to town and a little shy at first. 884 more words

One Hundred Fifty

A Year of Yoga: May 31, 2014

Pose: Standing Wind Relieving Pose

Sanskrit: Utthita-Vayu-Muktyasana

Location: Piazza Garibaldi – Lonigo, Italy

C had to attend an all day class today, so the rest of us enjoyed another relaxing morning with American style coffee. 225 more words


One Hundred Forty Nine

A Year of Yoga: May 30, 2014

Pose: Back Stretch Pose Preparation

Sanskrit: Paschimatanasana

Location: Lonigo, Italy – The front yard of our good friends with whom we are staying. 153 more words


Unconditional Love

A fantastic look at unconditional Love, by Laura McDonald 

Let me state right away that I am not a doctor or therapist; I am simply a woman (mother, wife, sister, daughter) that has amassed years of experience in the area of love. 894 more words