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This week has been very challenging for me mentally and physically. My daughter, Lyla, and I have had viruses in our stomachs, throats and ears all week. 331 more words


Sequences and Transitions: The Key to an Effective Vinyasa Flow Yoga Practice

I am fortunate to be able to work and practice yoga at two studios.  I have been practicing at one studio (which is near where I work) since last October, and just recently became a part-time/weekend front desk associate at a second one (which is closer to where I live; I love the convenience).  594 more words

My Comment to The Indifferent Ashtangi by Jason Stein

I shared the link to Jason Stein’s well-written blog post, The Indifferent Ashtangi. I thought I would also share the comment I left.

I am so glad to see Jason’s insights being shared with the greater Ashtanga community. 310 more words

Paul Gold

Warrior Two - Much kinder but still strong

When I first started to embark on my yoga journey, I will admit, I hardly took the practice seriously. The main reason I did my once-a-week yoga practice back then was simply just to add something different to my workout. 405 more words


Discovering Some great benefits of Iyengar Yoga exercise

Iyengar yoga exercise was developed following BKS Iyengar commenced executing yoga several generations ago. For a few, it is considered the very best yoga exercise in India to execute for its several health benefits. 448 more words

5 Yoga Surprises

I was afraid of yoga. Having never been particularly flexible I believed it wasn’t for me.

All that changed about a year and a half ago, when a new instructor scheduled an evening yoga class at the Club.

380 more words

Exactly What Is Kundalini Yoga and fitness?

It does hold much credibility, though kundalini yoga does not have such an established reputation that some other yoga styles have. This form of yoga exercise will enable you to get durability all over your physique. 475 more words