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Up the walls? Relax and unwind...without wine!

Feeling tired, stressed or run-down?

Release tension with Viparita Karani: Legs up the wall pose.

This pose is great for anyone who needs to strengthen their Immune System, manage stress or depression, new parents, and the sleep-deprived.  512 more words

Enrich Your Life: Deepak Chopra's 4-Step Spiritual Seeker Practice

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A pioneer in the field of mind-body medicine and author of dozens of best-selling books on Eastern philosophy and personal transformation, 1,178 more words

Self Improvement

Auld Lang Syne

I have complained bitterly to anyone who would listen to me. “This year has gone by so fast, I say in exaggerated and accusatory tones. 742 more words

Alicia Keys, YogaJournal, and Curves

Full confession: If the song “Girl on Fire” by Alicia Keys  is on in a room I have the urge to dance….even if  I hear it during  Mountain Pose in a  yoga class ( just ask the man standing next to me yesterday when I started bopping up and down…it was subtle but it happened.  707 more words


Worlds Oldest Yoga Teacher Tao Porchon-Lynch's Secrets to Long Life

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“I don’t want to know what I can’t do. I’m only interested in what I can do.”

If there’s living proof that yoga is the fountain of youth, it’s 

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Can advertisers stop marketing Yoga as soft porn?

Someone in the blogosphere wisely stated that Yoga in the West can be compared to a “sassy teenager.” I can understand where that statement comes from seeing how Yoga has become more of an Instagram event rather than a practice to deeply understand one’s self. 385 more words


Half Moon, Two Ways

SO you want to make an omelette, not the standard American diner omelette, excusez-moi, but the classic French one—just because it’s got the words classic and French. 983 more words