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Let Your Inner Light Shine

Yoga teacher training is an incredible experience! Yoga is so much more than the physical movement, and it’s been exciting learning about the eightfold path of yoga and how to extend my yoga practice off the mat. 159 more words


Yoga is beyond body issues


There is a great deal of talk about body issues in Western yoga. This discussion is by fed an industry called LOHAS (Lifestyle Of Health and Sustainability) which is making millions off of yoga fashion and dietary products. 550 more words


eka pada galavasana with tara stiles

Down Dog
From hands and knees, bring your hands under your shoulders, spreading your fingers wide. Tuck your toes, and lift your hips high. Maybe sway a little side to side, or bend each knee one at a time as you lengthen through opposite calf. 116 more words


On missing the obvious cover story: welcome to the new Yoga Journal

I have to admit I haven’t picked up an issue of Yoga Journal since the early 2000s. Those were the days when it was still as semi-serious publication for those interested in furthering their yogic knowledge. 410 more words


Fall In Love With Yourself

Many of us get caught up in the mist and the illusion of what love is and what it should give to us. One of the many great lessons I have learnt, and that I am still learning, is that the love you give to yourself is equal to the love you will receive from others. 270 more words


learning chakrasana

Chakrasana (Backward Somersault) presents both a physical and psychological challenge to many. Chakra means “wheel,” which correlates to both the rolling action of the somersault and the circular shape of the spine as you perform the pose. 391 more words


Learning Yoga: Gate Pose

One of my most joyful yoga experiences came one early morning while practicing a side-bend sequence that I tore out of my monthly Yoga Journal… 518 more words