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Leggings And Yoga Pants: Have School Dress Codes Gone Too Far?

EVANSTON, Ill. — They’re called leggings — popular fashion items that are tight-fitting pants to some, and glorified tights to others.

Younger girls often wear them as pants with little fuss. 1,183 more words


Battle of the Bulge #AlphaTanniaTuesday

The infamous battle of the bulge. As much as I know I have no one to blame but myself, I’d like to place some of the blame on yoga pants. 492 more words

Alpha Tannia Tuesday

Yoga pants?

Don’t take this the wrong way, I love workout stuff – it’s nearly as essential to my workouts as my will to workout is.  That might sound ridiculous, but if you’ve ever worked out in the wrong shirt or a bra that’s chafed you, you know exactly what is is I’m saying. 280 more words


Yoga Pants aka Denial Pants

Yoga Pants

I think these should be called denial pants… oh boy, do I love my black yoga pants.  They are the perfect mommy pant- they are comfy, don’t show the dirt, and stretch with me as I run and play with the girls.  353 more words

[PICS!] The AJ Show's "Whose Booty Is It?" Yoga Pants Challenge!

This challenge was inspired by the BOTTOMLESS pics that we saw of Rihanna earlier this week! Since we can’t do bottomless pictures here in the studio (YOUR WELCOME!) AJ thought to have us all take BOOTY PICS of us in yoga pants since you can never tell the difference in yoga pants. 23 more words


Fashion Fridays; Boho chic yogi

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