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Strap on the Jimmy Choo's here we go

September 1st can represent a few things to many people. Kids going back or starting school, leaves changing colour, crisp air and pumpkin spice lattes showing up at Starbucks. 254 more words


Help! My characters suck. How to write a novel -- part 5

It happens sometimes. A character you think has potential turns out to be a white bread bore. And as we all know, boring is bad… 616 more words

High Five for Friday #1

Only in recent years have I become a blog lover and I don’t really know how it happened. I guess it came about as a means of finding myself.   494 more words


5 Things Men Should NOT Say To Women During That Time Of The Month

Yup, my coworkers who are mainly over 45 and male, it is “my time of the month.” Since I work in an industry where women make up a mere 13.4% of the workforce (yay, engineering…not), I think I can safely say I am well accustomed to coworkers not understanding the basic Do’s and Don’ts of interacting with women during these 5-7 days of hell that come every month. 502 more words

Tangling with Bridesmaids

Earlier this year a former bride had me chop off the whole bottom of her dress to just below her butt cheeks so she could be the sexiest women on the Hawaiian island to celebrate her 6th anniversary and hopefully return home pregnant. 528 more words


10 Reasons Being a Yoga Teacher is the Best Freaking Job Ever

1) Yoga Pants

You get to wear them every day. You have a legit excuse to own a dozen pairs of them. And you get ‘em… 831 more words


There’s a trend that’s been emerging for quite some time called “athleisure” and it is characterized by athletic clothing being worn for leisurely activity—not athletic activity. 388 more words