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Excellent Total Body and Core Warm-Up

I learned this warm-up during my YogaFit® training and takes no more then 10 min.  It is a fantastic warm-up, cool-down or before sun salutations.   94 more words


Stretch for lower back pain!

As I wrote in my last post, lower back pain can often be caused by muscle tightness which gives you an unhealthy posture. By stretching muscles that are either connected to your spine our your pelvis you can release tension and create a healthier posture which can work wonders on back pain! 60 more words


Lower back pain

Lower backpain can often be explaned by muscle-tightness which gives you an unhealthy posture. Evan if you have strong backmuscles through dynamic exercise, (for example training with heavy weights) many people forget about the static training which is actually what you need to keep a healthy posture in your everyday life. 178 more words


Pistol squats!

First time Iv’e done this! It really opens up your hips and hamstrings which loosens up the pelvis and work wonders with backpain!



This is me getting in to AND falling out of a pose haha:) 

It’s a great pose if you have problems with tight hips/hamstrings and lower back pain. 46 more words


Headstand of the day!

This headstand really works well with me now. It puts just enough pressure on my shoulders and helps me work on my balance, a great rehab pose! 37 more words


Try to make me go to rehab..

For instructions on how to get in to this pose – check out the “backstrength” tutorial!

För instruktioner på hur man kommer in i den hä 170 more words