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Before you quit? Try

I want to paint a picture of the photo which you can clearly tell what went wrong. I am doing Yoga going from downward dog to a plank pose. 348 more words


How Yoga Can Help You Beat Bad Mood

Having one of those days when you just can’t seem to shake off a bad mood and fume at every little thing? Try doing yoga. Here are a few yoga poses to get you back into a good mood, 241 more words

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yoga poses to de-grinch-ify!

I found this old post as I was going through all my blogs, since it’s almost Christmas… Enjoy!

Whether someone who loves to sing “Silver Bells” while baking holiday cookies or you prefer to enjoy peace and quiet (possibly celebrating in your own way) during this time of year, either way you should be feeling happy and light hearted NOT cranky or annoyed. 649 more words


Yoga Sequence, Can It Be Copyrighted?

According to cases and U.S Copyright Office, YOGA SEQUENCE CANNOT BE COPYRIGHTED. Yoga poses or sequences cannot be copyrighted because compilation of exercises does not fall under 17 U.S.C section 102 categories that list copyrightable authorship and it does not as a whole constitute an original work of authorship. 414 more words


Alis volat propriis: She Flies with Her Own Wings

Alis volat propriis is a gorgeous and inspiring Latin phrase that translates “she flies with her own wings.” I truly believe we as individuals are meant to see, be, and do great things…but we are often prevented from realizing our potential because there are people who devote endless amounts of time and energy to breaking the wings of others or stifling their flight. 370 more words

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3 Connections to Wholeness Through Yoga

Uh-oh- it’s happening the craving is sneaking up on me like a kitty cat ready to pounce on it’s-catnip- I need more yoga! Never knew this is something I would be saying buy it’s true.   670 more words

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Proven Yoga Poses To Lose Belly Fat

Yoga is one of the essential parts of our life in order to lead the healthy life. The advantages of doing yoga are numerous, it help you overcome mental, physical as well as emotional issues. 316 more words