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Headstand pushups!

This challenge is great to build up core-strength and balance which you need if you want to learn handstands and forearmstands! Worked for me:)

Have a great workout!


Forearmstand-guide! / Underarmstående!

My friends are learning how to do a forarmstand and I try to help them with all the tips and tricks I have! Thought I would share them with you to:) 193 more words



Here are some great balance-challenges! Straight out of Costa Rica:) 

Think about holding the tension all the way out to your toes, it makes it easier to balance!


Trippel-Tripod in Costa Rica!

On a beach, in Costa Rica, with my friends – Yoga at it’s best!


Pose: Modified Uttanasana

Name of Pose: Uttanasana, done with a rolled-up mat and a block

Difficulty level: Beginner

Classes you might see this pose: All levels and therapeutic… 134 more words

Yoga Girl Challenge

“They say it takes 21 days to make or break a habit, so I want you to see this not as just another social media thing but as something you can actually incorporate in your life to truly create balance and wellbeing. 674 more words

Life Of A Twenty Something

Need Traction? Yoga Socks And What you Need To Know

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Are you currently practicing Yoga with your shoes on? Or are you going barefooted or with “booty” socks? If you have tried… 205 more words