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Hello my love, I'm back!

Hello yoga, iv’e missed you so much!

Took of my cast yesterday, it feels so damn good to straighten my arm out! My fracture is’nt healed yet, it will take at least 6 weeks but I’m free to start some rehab to help my recovery. 206 more words


Whaaaat Is Happening Here?

Am I having relations with this tree?

Or am I just choosing the most awkward path down from this pose?


Miss my scorpion

Gosh I miss working on this pose! Tomorrow I’m taking of my cast and starting rehab to work on my recovery.  Don’t think my shoulder can hold for this pose in a while though, I’ll just have to be patient:) 58 more words


She's got legs

Ok, I’m a shorty. Always been a little jealous of all you tall ladies with great, long legs. But guess what – when I do yoga I’m never disappointed. 199 more words


You're Invited To A Yogadventure

Come spend this October 2 – 5, 2014 weekend in the serene sanctuary that is Menla Mountain Retreat Center, nestled in a 320-acre valley in New York’s Catskill Mountains. 438 more words

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View of the world upside down


Everything feels upside down!

Breaking my arm and shoulder has been one of the toughest challenges for me so far. However, in some magic way it happend at a point in my life when I feel more grounded and happy then ever. 78 more words


Forearmstand / Underarmstånde

Forearmstands are amazing! You can really challenge both your strength and flexibility at the same time. My only tip for this is to focus. Focus and tighten your body all the way out to your toes to get control in this pose. 57 more words