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DRISHTI: single point of focus

Drishti refers to gaze, or single point of focus. We talk about drishti a lot when we come to balancing postures but not often otherwise…even though it is so important and a very useful practice when working toward pratyahara (sensory withdrawal) and dharana (concentration), two of the Ashtanga 8-limbs. 483 more words


The Art and Science of Learning Habits

Creating, extinguishing, and sustaining habits is a type of learning, one that is challenging for many, perhaps most, people. This can be attributed to the fact that habits, by their very nature, are ‘learnings’┬áthat have transferred not just to long-term memory but into what I call ROM, or Read-Only Memory, the special kind of memory that is difficult to write and to erase. 73 more words

Yoga Practice

Stop Expecting a Thank You Card

Most of the day revolves around expectation. We expect to get up on time, get the kids off to school, drive to work safely, and get a good chunk of our daily to-dos done. 663 more words

Yoga Practice

Mystical yoga at Mystica in Lake Arenal, Tilarán, Costa Rica

If ever you find yourself in Costa Rica and exploring Lake Arenal, then it is worth stopping by Mystica in Sabalito. They have beautiful accommodation and great food in their restaurant but for me the selling point is obviously the yoga studio. 56 more words

Yoga Practice

I Am That

Last night it snowed in Chicago and I braced myself not against the snow, the wind, or the cold, but from the onslaught of groans and moans heard throughout the neighborhoods, broadcasted on Facebook, and heard on every TV station. 621 more words


Yoga Philosophy in 2-minutes or less: What is Ahimsa?

Where did yoga come from? A really long time ago (400 CE-ish) a man named Patanjali wrote some texts (The Yoga Sutras) which systemized the practice of yoga (even though it had already been in practice for many, many years). 338 more words



I came face to face with my worst self today. Not because I did anything different than any other day, but because I finally saw myself clearly when that worst self was on full display, where before my vision was obscured. 875 more words