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The Power of Introverted Yoga Teachers

This post was copy & pasted from Elephant Journal, I can really relate to everything Duncan expresses within the article and wanted to share it with all my fellow introverts AND extroverts… yoga teachers or not! 859 more words

Ashtanga forever

This article is just too important not to post in multiple locations. I am becoming more and more convinced that my ashtanga practice is essential as I grow older.  42 more words


Students, Seek From Your Heart and Find Quality Teachers

This last weekend of teacher training in Grand Rapids was amazing.  My heart is so full that I feel as if it couldn’t hold anything else right now.   344 more words


Beginner’s mind is a crock

‘You cannot do yoga. Yoga is your natural state...’ – Sharron Gannon

None of us, really, are beginners to yoga. We’ve just forgotten our true state and we’ve returned to yoga seeking answers to questions like: how do I stay fit and strong and resilient? 479 more words


The Vessels - A Poem About Teaching

As I spent my next to last weekend in teacher training with Mimi Ray Yoga at Expressions of Grace in Grand Rapids, Michigan, I woke up with this poem.   126 more words

Dreaming BIG Dreams = Hard Work!

Someone told me this weekend that I was working so hard because I am finally becoming successful within my business. Their words kind of stopped me in my tracks. 331 more words

#48 Woah. Mad.

How to describe Womad?

It was like an all-day x 3 day-long yoga class. Or a resort holiday. Combined with Christmas Day. Physical exhaustion mixed with bliss, mixed with the energy from thousands of others mixed with intimacy from the lazing around with your friends and family in shady trees with nothing to do (if you so choose). 373 more words