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My Mental Meditation Pillow

A few months ago I was being coached by a wonderful teacher, Radhika¬†Shah-Grouven, about how to keep doing “this” when I am so busy.¬† 313 more words


Sitting to Meditate

Writing a blog is as much a spiritual endeavor as any of my other practices. I now realize there is so much that goes into making this page useful. 351 more words


On booze and other (unyogic) pleasures

I thought that nothing in the US yoga world can surprise me anymore but actually I managed to be shocked again. I’ve had a look at a discussion of yoga teachers at Linkedin started by a woman expressing her doubts about yoga events where alcohol is served. 720 more words

Doing Yoga

Yoga in Malta & Gozo

I love yoga. It is a great way of relaxing and work out at the same time. It is a good way to destress and reflect, and you can do it anywhere, like running, walking and jogging. 297 more words


Assumption can be confusing

Lately students have been telling me, not asking, but telling how Downward facing dog should be.

In Downward facing dog, everyone’s focus is to be more concentrated on making sure our feet are flat, nothing else. 141 more words