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Gratitude Wednesday - Taking Steps Towards Health and Wellbeing

Psychology is not just about what goes on in the mind. To be a healthy individual, you need to be healthy in both mind and body! 743 more words


Yoga in Ubud, Bali.

Its been already 2 weeks ago that I left Ubud. My time in Ubud was a very special one. I spend in total 10 days in Ubud. 753 more words

Stressful days

Just when I thought I was handling everything just fine there are bouts of huge stress. Documents that don’t arrive in time, problems during field research. 88 more words

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Adventure of Consciousness -2

‘frightening impotence’

‘We are, however, almost totally subservient to the needs of the body for our survival, and to the bodily organs for perceiving the world; we are very proud, and rightly so, of our machines, but when our machine gets a little headache everything becomes a blur, and when we are denied our array of telegraphs, telephones, televisions, etc., we become incapable of knowing what is happening next door or of seeing beyond the end of our noses. 442 more words

Recharge restore reconnect

Restorative yoga worked so well I was running around the supermarket at 7.30 am on a Saturday morning like supermarket sweep – it was so much fun armed with Week 4’s shopping list (from the IQS programme team) and only a 30 minute window of opportunity before work. 608 more words


How to find a good yoga teacher?

I’ve met many people during my travels in Canada and abroad who sincerely want to learn yoga. They ask me what kind of yoga they should look for? 626 more words


RE- CONNECT: Passions are actions that the soul craves.

There is always an active and passive phase in life. A time to reap and a time to sow. Everything operates in cycles like the seasons and as winter is steadily creeping upon us I feel it is time to get back to writing! 290 more words