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Don't Be Annoyed, Just Be Surprised

A motto to live by. A motto that I apply on a day-to-day basis. An advice given when I was around 12 years old by the father of my best friend in High School.. 131 more words


The Importance of Signs

I’ve been away from you all for so long again! It really has been completely unacceptable, but as I’m sure most of you understand, life takes over and sometimes does not let go. 752 more words



Someone posted a video of a yoga-guru doing her practice.  I had no idea that the body could combine so much strength and flexibility into seamless movement.  108 more words


My life is on a new path and I am very excited about it. We have moved into a new month and October is one of my favorite months. 603 more words



My gratitude to all those who move through this world with head below the heart.


We are studying the four basic paths for having a virtuous life. To be clear, in the yogic concept, all four paths should be followed, though one may be an area of particular concern, interest, or otherwise be a main focus for you at this time. 520 more words