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Hello  wonderful people!

Is it hot where you are? Its boiling (yet again) today. Don’t get me wrong I love the summer but I’m definitely one of those people with a narrow ideal temperature range and its between hot and cold… Not helpful… Plus I reckon spending most of my year in Scotland for uni has made me even more heat sensitive… (That or I’ve got an over-active thyroid but that’s very unlikely…)


Day 39 - "Stress Detox" 6/7

Spent today trying to recover from the morning’s outburst of scratching… I did use Hydrocortisone in the afternoon and also took an antihistamine, as (for whatever reason) the infuriatingly itchy small yellow spots I get, UNprompted by scratching, were there in abundance around lunchtime and weren’t disappearing as they usually do. 299 more words

UK's First Beetroot Yoghurt Launched By The Collective

The UK’s fastest growing yoghurt business The Collective is launching Britain’s first ever beetroot yoghurt with a daring root vegetable limited edition.

Traditionally pre-cooked, pickled and served with salad, The Collective is providing Brits with a completely innovative way to enjoy this versatile vegetable. 125 more words


Homemade yoghurt

I had never thought about making yoghurt at home. It just never occurred to me. But when I was trying out the multicooker, then there was also recipe for homemade yoghurt and it seemed ridiculously simple. 176 more words


Be Inspired - Pt 2 - Scott Bradley CEO of Yo-Get-It Frozen Yoget Bar

We spend 5 mins with the CEO of Australia’s original self serve Frozen yoget company Yo-Get-It – Scott Bradley – story below

Imagine if you could take your littlies or love to a frozen yoghurt store and dish up as little or as much as you like? 698 more words


Beetroot salad with dill & pomegranate molasses

Just a simple meze-style salad from me tonight. Yep, I’m still in Turkish-eating mode. It’s really quite hot in London at the moment and as a result I am just carrying on eating in holiday style – cool sides that are simple to prepare with simple grilled fish, squid or meat is what I’m craving. 235 more words


Healthy Breakfast

I never was the kind of person who enjoys a big breakfast on workdays. Not because I am not hungry in the morning but simply because I want to use my precious time on sleeping rather than on preparing my breakfast. 94 more words