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The End and Beginning

After 4 weeks, in our 40 days program at work, I decided it was time to be done. That’s 28 days, 16 classes and 4 workshops. 373 more words



Finding stillness can be such a challenge sometimes, mentally and physically.

When I’m in class and transition from eagle to airplane, I tend to feel shaky. 269 more words


Change Your Morning and You'll Change Your Life

What does your morning look like?

Does your loud beeping alarm jolt you awake? Do you push that snooze button a few times? Does that then make you rush around throwing stuff in your back as you race out of the house so you’re not late for work…maybe forgetting that beautiful green lunch you packed for yourself the night before? 135 more words


The New Age Yogi - Authentic, Real, or Phonie?

It is so interesting to watch how people awaken and what actions and steps they take to help fulfill themselves. I work at a yoga studio and see many people make it to their mat on a routine basis. 713 more words


Earlier this week – the week before I hit the start line for my first ever 10k race – an old issue flared up. My IT band was giving me the run around this week especially after my final training run with the Tribe on Wednesday night where 6.5k didn’t feel all that good. 251 more words

All the time I encounter people who do not understand me, who do not see my vision. He/she may suggest I curb my expression, disguise my professional affiliations and censor my audience by deleting or discouraging their comments to my posts. 176 more words


The Path of A Seeker

Those who set their hearts on Me and ever in love worship Me,
and who have unshakable faith, these I hold as the best Yogis. 91 more words