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"Excuse me, I don't bend that way."

A few months back, a blogger I’ve been reading for years posted a beautiful picture, where she and her daughter are doing yoga outside, accompanied by a few words about starting with yoga and how it’s shaped her life in a short time. 757 more words


In the spirit of freedom, two girls from our 200-hr yoga teacher training and I filmed a practice in our living room.
In our yoga, we don’t have rules or limits or walls. 114 more words



Sādhus/Sādhvī is a holy person, the Sadhu/Sadhvi choose to live away from society to practise their spirituality and gain moska (liberation) the final stage of asrama (life) through meditation and the brahman. 13 more words


10 Things I Wish Someone Told Me When I First Started Practicing Yoga

1. It’s hard for everyone when you start.

There is no person who is “naturally” good at yoga that can immediately do all the positions with perfect posture. 954 more words

Silence of the Yogis

Of all the amazing benefits received when practicing yoga and meditation, there is definitely one that stands out to me. I definitely have a mind with a lot of traffic but after I get in my practice for the day, the thoughts in my head just seem to dissolve. 385 more words

Kids yoga 5 week course starts July 1st @ Sundara Yoga Shala!

Parents! In just one week I will be holding a 5 week yoga course for kids ages 4-10. Give your child the gift of creating body awareness, practicing breath work, learning about friendship, patience, and so much more all while having fun and playing games! 13 more words