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The Yoke and The Burden

Looking for something to do with all your extra summer time? Something exciting with lots of adventure, something that is fulfilling and will leave you wanting more? 489 more words

My Yoke is Light

A few days ago I wrote a fun post about getting ready for the seaside. I thought over this and decided to use the story as a base for a short sermon at my church mid-week Communion service. 142 more words

stitch in that ditch, girl!

Worked on my yoke skirt muslin and executed “stitch in the ditch” to apply the faced yoke. Have to admit, I’ve heard this phrase for a while, smiled, nodded, ignored. 111 more words

DIN vs. Yoke

My life/diving goal this year is to prepare myself for diving Antarctica in 2015/2016. Part of my preparations includes getting a drysuit (still working on that, much to my chagrin) and also changing my regulator configuration from yoke to DIN. 688 more words


July with Jeremiah: Chapters 21-31

Let us pray from Jeremiah (23:3-6)


You told us you would gather the remnant

of your flock from all the lands and

bring them back to the meadow, 520 more words

Finding rest

I read this the other day and found it to be incredibly insightful, complex theology with good news for the weary.  Reprinting this with permission from Kayla McClurg at… 327 more words


Matthew 11:16-30, “The Yoke Is On Us”, July 6, 2014, Doug Fritzsche

Most of us know what a yoke is … it is a device that connects animals together, and allows them to be hitched to something to do some work … horsepower … in its original sense. 1,449 more words