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0406 Well! - The Olympics (1958)

This song was written by Walter Ward and was first recorded by The Olympics in 1958. Walter Ward was the lead singer of The Olympics. It was released as the B-side to The Olympics début single, … 119 more words


Neue Blogerfahrung - Test-Blogger.

Das hat sich vor Kurzem entwickelt und ist wirklich eine ganz neue Erfahrung für mich. Ich bin wirklich gespannt, wie ich mich dabei machen werde und ob es mich auf irgendeine Art und Weise weiterbringt. 395 more words


Listen to the Album Sonic Youth, Ariel Pink, Yoko Ono and Others Recorded for Plants

No, this isn’t The Onion or an ad for Portlandia. It may be the most hipster headline we’ve written for some time, but the news is interesting all the same. 407 more words

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'Science deniers': Bobby Jindal blasts Obama admin's coziness with 'fact-free Hollywood'

But he’s not messing around:

Obama Admin liberals have made a religion out of opposing good energy policies – it’s their faith – & they’ve held our economy hostage.

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THIS is one boss magazine, this is smart as Einstein in Versace, put together by brighter-than-light Lisa Luxx and her effervescent entourage, featuring a zillion futique mutants like Yoko Ono & Jacob Escott & Emma Ako & Charly Flyte & Pat Cash mapping the age after the age after the Age of Aquarius, and drug-recipes and comix and colours and clothes oh and poetry too, Sara Hirsch is here and Sergeant-Major Dion Power and Beth Norris, David Lee Morgan smashing words together so hard and so fast I swear I saw the Higgs-Boson, plus some “Words For Catherine” from me and… and… and… Basically, if you haven’t got a copy of this yet you need to go stand in the corner facing the wall and think about what you’ve done.


War is over… not quite yet

You hear it everywhere as we approach this time of year – in the shopping malls, on the radio, the optimistic crooning from John and Yoko’s classic: “War is over, if you want it”. 736 more words

John Lennon’s NYC Through My Eyes

It’s a big responsibility to write about someone like John Lennon without sounding too condescending, but I‘ll try. Let me tell you the story about an amazing exhibition I saw in 2009… 998 more words