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My own backyard

Today I was introduced to the art scene in my own backyard: Yokogawa. Just recently the Yokogawa Cinema has reopened after extensive renovations. Many people were horrified to learn about this because the building was so historical. 279 more words


The Girl Next Door

By this, I literally mean, next door! Last week I wrote about how my next-door neighbor had decorated her front door after I decorated mine. The other morning before I left for work I scribbled her a note in my best Japanese (note: not very good Japanese, but I got my message across!) and stuck it on her front door for her to find later. 79 more words


Neighbourhood friendlies!

Yesterday I wrote about decorating my apartment for autumn. I went to my friend Aiko’s gallery exhibition on Saturday afternoon and was given some funky postcards which I wanted to put up on my walls/windows as well. 70 more words


Autumn season and crazy weather

Autumn season in my part of the world and indeed, in My One Room Apartment means cooler weather in the mornings and evenings and beautiful, clear sunny skies. 103 more words


My early morning adventures

One of the best things and indeed, one of my favorite things about living in a big city, is being able to wake up early (or not go to bed at all!) and go exploring. 207 more words



Hello and welcome to My One Room Apartment!

This blog/online magazine showcases my love of fashion, photography, culture, art and other creative ‘stuff’ I like to dabble in. 182 more words


Reduction in Analytical Costs

Over the past couple of years a number of suppliers have been releasing more modern PH and conductivity probes.  Going back some years, Endress launched their… 262 more words