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Landmark tower

Little G’s first visit to Yokohama, Japan’s second largest city about 45 minutes away. We went with the aim of finding good beer, because we had heard it was the best place to go. 244 more words



Once again. Today was the third tournament in a row that we have faced the same opponent… and all three times lost. That’s the difference in level between top 8 and top 4… maybe next time.



9066 Executive Order 9066. February 19, 1942. My dad has quite often told me to remember this day. It’s a sad day in history, hopefully one that will never need to be repeated for any group of people, anywhere.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue

 Oblique ray is the one of my favorites but difficult to take. In a morning, the sunlight began to illuminate a field and I found myself being a part of it. 25 more words



Kit-Kat. At my work we seem to bet in KitKats, never in money, always in KitKats.
Over the summer, we made a bet about the World Cup, I won!


Princess Cruise in Yokohama, Japan

And there she waited idly. I looked up and saw an old friend. I was so excited that I almost jumped up and down in my exuberance! 102 more words

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