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Upcoming schedule~

Since I did this back in like July, here’s the updated schedule of what will fuel me for the next few months~

  • October 25-26 — Granrodeo FC event in Shizuoka (and the night before in Osaka)
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Japan: Yokohama (The Nanja Monja Cafe)

Oftentimes there are moments from our childhood that we would like to relive or, moments we wanted to experience and never had an opportunity to do so, which compels us to capture those times in our adulthood. 272 more words


In Which Nellie Falls for JAPAN

Nellie’s dates: 2-7 January 1890
My  dates: 19-24 September 2014


Nellie simply adored Japan. “If I loved and married, I would say to my mate: ‘Come I know where Eden is,’” she wrote, “and … desert the land of my birth for Japan.” She called it ‘the land of love-beauty-poetry-cleanliness.’ 354 more words

Women Journalists


Tully’s. I’m no as full off on Starbucks like my dad (because the owner, Howard Lincoln sold the Sonics to Clay, who moved them to KC), mostly because I don’t have too many options to get decent coffee.



End of Today.

edit: This was about 30 minutes before the sky turned purple, pink, violet… some really interesting shades of sunset! and, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take a picture of it all!


Editorial: Blueprint - An Exploration in Japanese Aesthetic

The first time I went to Japan was in 2006, and believe it or not, it had nothing to do with cars.

Growing up I became enthralled with the country and it’s idiosyncrasies that seemed a polar opposite from that of America’s.  1,010 more words