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President Obama Explains How Failure To Vote Will Impact The Rest Of His Term [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

President Barack Obama has accomplished a lot in six years, but he won’t be able to make more without support in the forthcoming midterm elections. He talks exclusively to to “ 168 more words

Yolanda Adams Morning Show

Should The Pastor Who Confessed To AIDS & Adultery Be Forgiven By His Congregation? [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

Alabama pastor, Juan McFarland confessed to full-blown AIDs, having affairs with church members, and drugs to his congregation. It’s hard to move past such shocking news, but AV poses the question: Should he be forgiven?  128 more words

Yolanda Adams Morning Show

3 Things You Need To Look For In A Church Home [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

Bishop Secular says it takes people a long time to find a church home, because they have no idea what they are looking for. Well, he’s here to clear all that up. 135 more words

Yolanda Adams Morning Show

Sanctified Sermon: There’s No Disagreeing When It Comes To God! [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

Today Marcus D. Wiley is speaking from Amos 3:3 . Can two walk together unless they agree? Well, listen to today’s Sanctified Sermon to hear why Marcus says there can’t be disagreement when it comes to our Lord and Savior! 103 more words

Yolanda Adams Morning Show

The Consequences You Face When You Disobey God [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

If you think you can disobey God without consequences, you’re mistaken. Listen to the latest edition of Points of Power in the audio player to hear… 130 more words

Yolanda Adams Morning Show

The Not Too Far Back Throwback (#TBT): The Style Games

On this Throw Back Thursday, or #TBT we’re going to take you all the way back – 14 whole days in history.

Fashion met football (doesn’t that sound familiar) at Saks Fifth Avenue in Philadelphia on Thursday, October 2 as players from the Philadelphia Eagles gathered with over 150 industry movers and shakers to compete in a game of style, in a fashionably competitive environment. 162 more words