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Brian Courtney Wilson “Worth Fighting For” [NEW MUSIC]

Brian Courtney Wilson has a voice full of sincerity that always connects to fans, and he’s back with a new song called “Worth Fighting For… 130 more words

Yolanda Adams

Yamma Brown On What It Was Like Growing Up With James Brown [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

One could only imagine what it was like growing up with the Godfather of Soul James Brown, but his daughter Dr. Yamma Brown fills us in on “ 153 more words

Yolanda Adams

Smokie Norful On How Christ Puts His Fame In Perspective [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Smokie Norful realizes his fame is a blessing, but he figured out the main thing is Christ. Listen to the audio player below to hear him talk to” 164 more words

Yolanda Adams

Donnie McClurkin Addresses Rumors About Him And Yolanda Adams

Donnie McClurkin and Yolanda Adams have been friends for over 30 years. But lately there have been rumors floating around about the two gospel legends. Listen to the audio player to hear Donnie McClurkin address the rumors live on” 142 more words


Stop Using Social Media As An Excuse Not To Trust [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

People are really letting social media become the excuse for their jealously and trust issues. Listen to the audio player to hear today’s letter and why  162 more words

Yolanda Adams

How To Find The Blessing In Not Getting A Job [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

Finding a job in your field is not easy, but every job wasn’t meant for us to have. Listen to the audio player to hear why today’s writer is having a hard time finding a job, and the advice  147 more words

Yolanda Adams

Why Old Money Equals Old Jokes When It Comes To Comedy! [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

Bishop Secular wants to give a big shout out to all the the comedians out there. For some reason the expectations are unusually high to be funny.  141 more words

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