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VOB News October 2014 "Be the VOICE of the Bride"

For several months now, the ‘worship’ side of Voice of the Bride has been growing.  This month, we sponsored a 12 hour day of worship, called… 440 more words


Esther 4:16, Question 9. Why does Esther emphasize that her plan is “not in accordance to the law?”

  • The Talmud (Megillah 15a) writes that Esther emphasizes that her plan is “not in accordance to the law” to refer to the fact that this plan of voluntarily submitting herself to Achashverosh is not in accordance to the laws of the Torah, which forever forbids a Jewish wife to be with her husband after being with another man consensually (Sotah 2a).
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The Hope-Israel, Rabbi Angela Buchdahl, Yom Kippur 5775

New York City’s Central Synagogue’s new chief rabbi on the Jewish Day of Atonement.


What I learned as a non-Jew experiencing the Jewish High Holy Days for the first time

Now that I find myself immersed in Jewish life, I am a bit embarrassed to admit that the only Jewish holiday I knew much about prior to AVODAH was Chanukah. 860 more words

Aunti Alli's Noodle Kugel aka Noodle Pudding

DISCLAIMER: This dish is only “healthy” for your soul.

My Aunti Alli gave me this DELICIOUS recipe (which she got from her mother-in-law) when I came back from apple picking with more apples than I knew what to do with. 359 more words

Healthy Meals

Unesaneh Tokef Through The Eyes of a Survivor

I find it hard to pray for myself. I always feel unworthy. I feel like a hypocrite standing before God, imperfect as I am, a sinner set in his ways, asking God to do me yet another favour I know I’ll never return. 1,423 more words

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