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What is Yizkor?

If someone especially dear to you has died in the past, you know that we never really stop mourning them. The absence of a loved one eventually becomes a kind of presence of its own, an ongoing awareness that that person was an important part of our lives and is no longer with us. 306 more words

Especially For Beginners

Get ready!

Get ready for an awesome experience! The Sabbath has begun in Belize City, Belize… In exactly one day, we will begin the 50-day count of the Omer – symbolic of the daily portion of manna our ancestors received when they came out of Egypt. 292 more words


Choosing Barabbas -- The Christian Day of Atonement

At the trial of Jesus, according to each Gospel, Pilate gives the assembled crowd a choice: they could choose to free Jesus of Nazareth or they could choose Jesus Barabbas. 1,563 more words


If Not Now, When?

This is an important week for many. Yesterday, the feast of the Passover began. Thursday, begins one of the most important spiritual journey’s for those of us who are Christians. 1,120 more words


What difference does the cross make in my life? (Part Two) Understanding Sacrifice.

The best news in the world is that God invites humanity into a relationship with him. God makes covenants – agreements about how we are to live with him – but there is a big tension – God is… 1,320 more words


Beitzah 19

The Gemara cites the opinion of Rabbi Elazar the son of Rabbi Shimon who maintains that the reason the Torah mentions the festival of Sukkos is because Sukkos causes the prohibition of baal teacheir to be violated. 145 more words

#TieBlog #Aharei Mot

On this Shabbat HaGadol, the “Great Sabbath” prior to Passover, our Torah reading, Parashat Aharei Mot, takes us to the opposite pole of the Jewish calendar. 221 more words