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September/October 2014 Warning

I am noticing a pattern of people talking about September/October 2014 and Yom Kippur / Rosh Hashanah time frame (Sept. 23-Oct 3). People are warning that this could be a time for financial collapse.   223 more words


Megillah 7

The Gemara states that Rabbah and Rabbi Zeira partook of a Purim meal together, and when Rabbah became intoxicated, he arose and slaughtered Rabbi Zeira. The following day Rabbah prayed and Rabbi Zeira was restored to life. 424 more words

The Fast and the (Not So) Furious

Here at Theologee, I am thoroughly impressed with those people of faith who practice fasting in their religions.  I am one of those people that if I miss a meal, I become hangry (hungry + angry) so I like the conviction and fortitude it takes to fast in order to bring you closer to God.  760 more words

Why Fast?


It’s something we all know, we all feel it but we haven’t said it. We all know America is going down the wrong path and that we will soon come under great judgement. 928 more words


Ron Wyatt: Reasearch and background

 It was Yom Kippur, the Jews were taking spiritual baths to remove their sins, to be without sin before midnight.  After the fast on Saturday the Jews would eat, at sundown Yom Kippur in 2013, I walked down the street to a little antique store.  669 more words

Biblical Symbols

T62 - Part 6: Some more weathering

I spent last days and weeks playing with washes, pigments, oils and pigments and washes and … you know it. Finally it starts to look the way I wanted it – not so pristine. 62 more words