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Earths pope's, patriarchs, kings, presidents, mufti's now being sar ha-olam judgment

@PeggyInCHRIST: For HE says to KINGS and NOBLES YOU are WICKED and UNJUST JOB 34:18
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Why is this Holiday different from all other Holidays?

Normally, our Jewish holiday celebrations could be characterized by the phrase: “They tried to kill us, G-d saved us, let’s eat!”  Not so, the High Holidays… 418 more words

September 2014

High Holy Days: Now With Great Poetry

Two blog posts this week hinted at the struggle many interfaith families, and many Jewish families, have with the intimidating length and inaccessibility of traditional High Holiday services. 622 more words

Interfaith Families

What Is The Meaning Of Rosh Hashanah?

Next week, the Jewish people all across America will be celebrating their holiday known as Rosh Hashanah; Rosh Hashanah is what’s commonly known as the Jewish New Year, and this year, it begins at sunset on September 24th until nightfall on September 26th. 296 more words


Yom Teruah--The Day That No Man Knows

Yom Teruah is the first of the three Fall feasts of the Lord. Yom Teruah means, “the day (yom) of blowing (teruah)” the shofar (ram’s horn). 1,157 more words

The Days of Awe

One of the questions readers of What’s in It For Me? Finding Ourselves in Biblical Narratives have asked concerns references to the Jewish High Holy Days in the chapter “ 1,279 more words



Please mark your calendars for these upcoming events.

  • Friday evening, 10/03/2014: Erev Yom Kippur services led by Ruz Yulko, 7:00 P.M. at the Bethel.
  • Yom Kippur day schedule: 67 more words

    Ram's Horn