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Secret Love Affair - All Caught Up - Episode 10

I feel like I’m having a Secret Love Affair with Secret Love Affair.

It’s become my special little guilty pleasure that I don’t want to share with anyone. 336 more words


"Secret Love Affair" episode 9 review

Hye Won thinks she’s a good liar and Sun Jae gets a new hairdo.


"Secret Love Affair" episode 8 review

Hye Won becomes unhinged and embarrasses herself. Sun Jae suffers her moods swings and tough love. Da Mi feels inadequate and gets suspicious. Joon Hyung cannot get away from being labelled a cuckold. 3,487 more words


Skip-Thru: Secret Love Affair

Secret Love Affair / Milhwe

Admittedly, I was very wary of starting this drama at first. I am not one to watch noona romances and the huge age gap between the two main characters, Oh Hye-Won and Lee Seon Jae intimidated me. 450 more words

First Impressions

"Secret Love Affair" episode 7 review

Hye Won leaves Sun Jae stranded after he tries to book a love hotel. Joon Hyung cannot stop showing off the student who is hugging his wife. 4,448 more words