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dir. Yorgos Lanthimos
Greece/2009/94 min./2.35:1
World Premiere: Cannes Film Festival (2009)
US Premiere: Cucalorus Film Festival (2009)
Distributor: Kino International

Winner of the coveted Un Certain Regard Prize at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival, Lanthimos’ high concept and darkly comic parable explores the damaged world view imposed on three teens by a manipulative set of middle-class parents who make an art form of the developmental psychology experiment. 304 more words


Halloween Week! Dogtooth

Here be mild spoilers.

Dogtooth is a comedy as black as pitch, opaque in its broader intentions but commanding in its aesthetic and mood. It’s a film about the demands of parents upon their children, a warped examination of the influence they exude and how their worldview can supersede reality. 599 more words

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The Happy Ending: Kynodontas

I am going to explain happy endings by talking about a horror movie. What comes to mind, I’m sure, is a film with a series of relatively flat characters with imminent demises drawn together by whatever circumstances in some locale outside the comfort zone of their ordinary lives, perhaps only tenuously scraping against that other world, perhaps entirely thrown into that uncanny plane, where there is a looming threat of death and violence—a monster, a murderer, or perhaps one another— and the characters are motivated by a primal need to survive. 2,729 more words