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A History Lesson

Since we have come from a country with a European history of a little more than 200 years it can be daunting to comprehend the lengthy and convoluted history of Britain. 317 more words

August 24th, York Minster

The last Sunday of my summer holiday, and I was in York. Since I have friends who live near York and a family member who lives in the city I visit sometimes and have attended a weekday Eucharist at the minster several times, but I had never been to a Sunday service. 948 more words


Cambridge and York,

Finally we are rid of the impossible showers at the Grange Hotel. This morning we had our bags out by 6:30 AM and by 8:30 AM we were heading north on the A1 to Cambridge and York. 717 more words


York Minster

Undoubtedly the defining characteristic of the York landscape is the stately York Minster. Rising far above the city, this landmark can be seen for miles. 787 more words

United Kingdom

Green Men

Green men, sometimes known as Jack-in-the-Green, are strange leafy faces. Sometimes the face depicted is very clearly human sprouting leaves, often oak, from their mouths. Other green men are more foliage than person or can be seen wearing leafy masks that cover most of their features. 526 more words


Roof Bosses

As medieval builders became more confident they built their buildings higher and airier as though they were soaring heavenwards. This was a tricky thing to do architecturally speaking – the last thing that the average medieval bishop wanted was to be haranguing his congregation only to have the roof come crashing down round his ears. 581 more words


York - More City Walls

In keeping with my architectural photography obsession here are a few lovely shots of York.