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You belong to me by Johanna Lindsey

The story is very simple. Despite its simplicity, readers would enjoy the entertaining exchange of charades between the two characters. The wittiness of the heroine and the seduction prowess of the hero is a perfect combination that would really entertain readers. 624 more words

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Ulasan Novel Berbasis Hukum

Kali ini daku akan membahas 2 novel yang berbasis hukum, yang persamaannya tentu saja berhubungan dengan hukum. Perbedaannya? Hmm, itu yang baru daku akan bahas. 526 more words

Ulasan Novel

Three Shades Of Gay: Freddie Garrity and the Dreamers. You Were Made For Me. The Laughter of Righteous Contempt.

Disclaimer: The author admires anyone who can entertain a large audience worldwide over many years, particularly those willing to appear foolish. It’s much more honourable than sniping from the sidelines. 313 more words