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Getting Ready - Spring into EXERCISE

Can you feel it? Everything thawing, melting and wanting to grow?

That’s you too. You’re ready to grow. Can you feel it stirring – your desire to move? 153 more words

#14 Prove to yourself you can do anything

Do you challenge yourself?  Do you wish you did?  I think there’s a difference between facing challenges as they present themselves and planning particular challenges.  It’s all about being proactive rather than reactive isn’t it? 341 more words

30 Reasons

Struggling to Write

I haven’t written anything for my blog for 3 weeks. That wasn’t the plan. The plan was to write one post every week, on Saturday morning when I’m not at work. 755 more words

Please, Please, Please

I don’t need friends that don’t need me

I am too tired to fight, too cold to complain

I fix my mistakes, I am a good person… 255 more words

Broken Reverse Gear

When I get lost in travel, my first instinct is to find that which I know. Somewhere there is a “land mark”, a reset point for your journey. 267 more words

We Have No Excuses

Last week I posted a few quotes from Victor Frankl, author one of the most influential books in America according to the Library Of Congress.  In the book he talks about his time in the NAZI concentration camps.  361 more words

Great Quotes