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Pretty Girls Eat Too!

See that picture above?
Its a LIE.
It makes me so mad that something like that is out there in world influencing girls of ALL ages.  388 more words

Cinderella Strong

The First Post.......

Thigh gap. Hip bones. Collar bones. 400 calorie days. When did that become okay?! Some of my SNACKS are 400 calories and no I do not regret them! 368 more words

Cinderella Strong

you know the way

My friend Apache Pedro wrote in a letter to me years ago,

Susan, you know the way.


The healing of grief takes effort, and at a time when a person may not at all feel like putting forth one bit of exertion towards anything, not one thing.

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EXO needs SUPPORT. Stat.

So the title is not subtle.

But seriously. Let us start with this:


(If you are a K-POP peep, you might know about this, this was something everyone was ranting/gushing/doing other things. 1,771 more words