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5 Words I overuse

1. Dude

I call everyone dude, especially if I don’t know a person’s given name.

“That dude cut me off!”

“What the hell, dude?”

An old boyfriend of mine once told me that a dude was actually a camels penis. 142 more words


twas but...

(moonscape silences with intermittent drum beats concealed behind moist vegetation blocking the way of all but those who would in violence hack it away) 103 more words

4Minute (포미닛): You Know

I got your love

누가 뭐라 해도 (나) 아니라고 해도 (나)
nuga mwora haedo (na) anirago haedo (na)
No matter what anyone says (I) Even if they say no (I) 1,160 more words

4Minute (포미닛)