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4Minute (포미닛): You Know

I got your love

누가 뭐라 해도 (나) 아니라고 해도 (나)
nuga mwora haedo (na) anirago haedo (na)
No matter what anyone says (I) Even if they say no (I) 1,160 more words

4Minute (포미닛)

Three For The Birds (2014)

1. Flight.

2. Sitting on a wire.

3. You know.


An unexpected stain-

In sudden gain.


After Hours

Hey man, I know I’m drunk but I’m having a really great time. We should totally do this more often. When you’re out drinking with friends it sort of feels like you can never do it enough, you know? 660 more words


What to expect in August and September (Amping it up a bit)

Hola amigos!  Well, time is marching on, and if you’ve been keeping up w/ this (or “stalking” me, as they call it; it’s ok, I won’t tell anyone) you may likely remember that as part of my gauntlet-thrown-down resolve to focus on my writing between here and the epitaph, I’ve put myself to an ongoing challenge to post at least four entries here each month.  256 more words

...you Know

After listening to talk radio programs on my 45 minute drive to work where I then spent the day in entirely too many meetings, I can say with all confidence that the phrase “sort of” is the new “you know”.


It’s cool; and, filler words; 15-07-2014

I am not a fan of casual expressions in language. However, I do like and use a few of them frequently. For instance, the word “cool” – it sounds like awesome and amazing mixed together but without (sometimes) the boast and loudness of the two words. 103 more words

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there is this place

i used to share

of great comfort a place

so secret so special

my old young soul let down her hair

to sit on the horizon