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After listening to talk radio programs on my 45 minute drive to work where I then spent the day in entirely too many meetings, I can say with all confidence that the phrase “sort of” is the new “you know”.


It’s cool; and, filler words; 15-07-2014

I am not a fan of casual expressions in language. However, I do like and use a few of them frequently. For instance, the word “cool” – it sounds like awesome and amazing mixed together but without (sometimes) the boast and loudness of the two words. 103 more words

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there is this place

i used to share

of great comfort a place

so secret so special

my old young soul let down her hair

to sit on the horizon

Today I learned

Today I learned that I say “you know” way too much.

A very kind and well meaning elder gentlemen called to tell me that I said “you know” 7 times in 2 minutes on the radio during an interview. 166 more words

What I Care About

Monday, 7th July 2014

You know, int.

Pronunciation: /juː nəʊ/
Etymology: < you pron. + know v.

I know.


On Living in the (ugh) Moment

First thing’s first: I’m an unbelievably lucky guy. To list the things I have going for me in this exact moment:

  • I’m writing this in the condo of a family friend in sunny Coronado, CA (a dreamy little island city adjacent to downtown San Diego).
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Video Alert: You Know by 50 Cent

50 Cent is still keeping his promise by releasing a video for every track from his album Animal Ambition: even the deluxe tracks. 50 Cent’s latest video comes for… 70 more words