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Getting away from perfection

I never sit down to write unless I feel motivated to write about a certain topic. I actually have started and deleted a couple posts today already. 830 more words

You Matter

Leftovers Really????

In trying to live a frugal simple life, there are many times when leftovers are imperative . In order to help stretch the dollar,  preparing meals, and making ends meet. 379 more words

You matter

Dear Oscar,

Stand up and tell the world who you are.
You matter.

Love Carly

Oscar Pistorius

Dear People - You Matter, Keep Going

Dear lonely, sad, or discouraged people of the world!

Thank you. It’s because of people like you who refuse to suffer in silence, to hide the way you feel behind curtains meant to keep your potential hidden as well, that my life matters. 238 more words

Depression: You won't take me down that easily

This is something I never though I would speak out about, but I did, and this is what I learned along the way. I thought since I was having a good day, I would share, I hope this speaks to you, and if you don’t suffer from it, look for the signs in those around you, and don’t forget to love everyone with all of your heart. 1,013 more words

You Matter

Why Do I Matter?

I have been greatly saddened over people I know and don’t know viewing themselves negatively and thinking their lives are worth nothing. If I could say one thing to them that sums up everything I believe it would probably be something like this: You matter. 351 more words

You Matter

I have suffered from anxiety and depression for about two years now. Ive felt alone for a very long time, and like i had no one to talk to. 146 more words