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6. You Matter

There’s a myth that’s been going around. It’s not a new one or an old one. It’s ancient, and it’s been passed around from person to person as if it’s true. 623 more words

Mental Judo

Be the Dinosaur

Every child needs a champion. It only takes one. Each of us has the power and potential to be that one. One adult. One teacher. One paraprofessional. 434 more words

We are all destined for great things. Everyone can make a change.

Or is it what people no longer believe in? As the good of today is finding the aim, or the search itself. All these chances and this feeling in the gut that people get from time to time, it is there for a reason. 360 more words

Sonnet of Rest


I lay in awe of things I’ve gained
And weep in shame of all I lack
The things I’ve done, the me I’ve maimed…

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Counseling Referral Form

I had a student today that skated the boundaries of appropriate behavior all period. He wasn’t exactly…overtly misbehaving, but was a continual annoyance. He had done the same thing to the teachers before me and the ones after me. 349 more words


You are here. You matter. Choose to matter.



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