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The Flipside of Dominick Hyde 1980

Another entry in the minuscule hybrid sub-genre of time-travelling romance, The Flipside of Dominick Hyde is a BBC Play For Today production at feature length; back in the days before the BBC was given over to antiques and home renovation documentaries, these plays were transmitted at 9.25pm and watched by millions. 105 more words

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The Other Sister 1999

Director Garry Marshall made his name in television with shows like Happy Days and Laverne and Shirley, and scored big with Pretty Woman. His 1999 film The Other Sister has largely been forgotten, but it’s one of Hollywood’s more ambitious attempts to deal with mental health issues. 100 more words

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Grace of My Heart 1996

Films that turn into Broadway musicals are a diverse bunch, but its not always the deserving that get rewarded; Grace of My Heart would be an ideal candidate. 116 more words


Exodus 1960

Like much of Otto Preminger’s work, his 1960 epic of Jewish empowerment, Exodus, has largely been consigned to the sidelines of cinematic history; long and serious, it’s a high-minded blockbuster that deals with the founding of the state of Israel. 107 more words

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