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Days of Elijah - Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir

I came to know about the Brooklyn Tabernacle from the writing of Pastor Jim Cymbala. This  non-denominational, multicultural church is in the heart of downtown Brooklyn. 140 more words

Sunday's Singing Soul

Reaching For A Higher Level Of Awareness.....

 For me living a life of awareness is being honest with each moment I’m apart of.  I don’t want to play the game anymore of pretending, I want to be around people who want to discuss what is really going on in their lives.   30 more words

Conscious Living

Is social media also a waste of time for sports marketers?

Anyone who claims that social media is “mostly a waste of time for marketers” is bound to generate some headlines. The claim was made by highly respected academic and award winning columnist, Mark Ritson in a well-delivered address to delegates at the World Marketing and Sales Forum in January this year. 683 more words

Bengawan Solo

Bengawan Solo (River Solo) is a legendary Indonesian song. Composed by Gesang Martohartono in 1940, it was the first widely popular song to be written in Indonesian language. 219 more words

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Poor Polar Bear Loses to Avocado in First Draft Ever

Turns out Ecuador isn’t the only Latin American country using the Super Bowl as platform to pitch its wonders. Mexico is doing a similar effort with its first Super Bowl ad ever, an adorable spot pitching –what else?– avocados.  58 more words

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Social Media Marketing (SMM)

সবার আগে প্রয়োজন তোমার নিজের জন্য এস ই ও করা। কারন, একমাত্র এস ই ও এর মাধ্যমেই তুমি নিজেকে তথা নিজের কাজ; কর্ম দক্ষতা কে বায়ারের নিকট অধিক দৃশ্যমান ও একজন নির্ভর যোগ্য কর্মী হিসেবে সার্চ ইঞ্জিন ও মার্কেট প্লেস সমুহে এগিয়ে রাখতে পারবে।


2015 Social Media Image Dimensions | Infographic

2015 Social Media Image Dimensions

New Updated Social Media Image Dimensions for 2015.
I have included a Downloadable “Cheat Sheet” so you can Print out the highlights and have them at your disposal. 102 more words

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