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Life's setbacks.

You won’t speak scared of seeming foolish,
You won’t go out scared of not fitting in,
You won’t love scared of being heart broken,
You won’t dance scared of looking like an armature, 102 more words


Real You?

What are you , is this the Real you, or just an image that you have prospered all these years.

Do you have full control of your emotions?   283 more words


Wrong Man Syndrome at Epidemic Levels

And I wonder why I’m always lonely and unhappy.

Then again, often the bad guy shows up with a big smile and great hair. How is a girl to know?


All about you

Not happy with your life? Then change it! If you are living to please everyone else then you will never be satisfied with life or be happy with yourself. 103 more words


Would you?

‘if you had a friend who spoke to you in the same way you sometimes speak to yourself, how long would you allow that person to be your friend? 13 more words

Me, You, Them

Everyone wants to feel accepted in this very demanding society. They want their ideas and goals to have some sort of greater significance. They want to be admired for who they are. 250 more words


As I Close My Eyes

how do i say i miss you?
you and your
warmth and glow;
innocent touches,
hands on my shoulders,
guiding, protecting;
troubled eyes
looking, watching… 61 more words