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Things to know... It's never too late to start...

Salam dear friends,

Hope you’re doing great :)

Life is full of experiences, difficult moments, and challenges… But -fortunately- that’s not all :) :)

Life is full of happy moments that we keep on avoiding.. 94 more words

Kaoutar Chahbane

just you like

all it depends

and all it wants

and those of the  faces

and how it was written

and its own best kept cheaper

and its own zone and its own reality… 41 more words


Try borderless

Your past lives do not define

the limits

or the ways

of your love.

You do, right now.


Freedom That Is Love That Is Life

Song For the Day


I’m sharing with you a wonderful Arabic song :)

I love this song for many reasons..

The words are beautiful..

The Voice is incredible, and I looooove it :) 17 more words

Kaoutar Chahbane

Proper Healthy Living

Most people feel that proper nutrition is, staying away from unhealthy foods and beverages. Other people believe that an individual can workout anything they ingest. What I want to make clear to readers and people close to me, is that the only way to have proper healthy living is by being informed on what you put into your body and how it will affect your body’s phisiology. 579 more words


[Ficlet] Tanpa Alasan.

Tanpa Alasan.

bekey proudly present

with Jinwoo WINNER and You

in 806 words of slight!sad and fluff

inspired by this 787 more words