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A New Beginning

It’s been three days since I got Kendrick’s number and for some reason I haven’t called yet. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I’m never afraid to call a guy. 1,140 more words


Sometimes i just don't know.

Sometimes i just don’t know anymore. I look at my life and think this is really it? I’m getting older with every day but i don’t feel like i am. 234 more words


After Social Media.

I had made the decision to get rid of my social media platforms (instagram, tumblr, and Facebook) on the night of September 29, 2014. I had posted a status with my intention to do so and a contact email that wasn’t listed on my Facebook. 394 more words

Motivational Words

Thought for the Moment [#6]

It is so easy to SAY how hard you had it.

What IS hard is making the conscious choice and performing the deliberate practice of doing the NECESSARY things to alter/change/shift YOUR circumstances or situation towards what YOU need them to be. 504 more words


To be judged by others is only a mere reflection of their insecurities.

-Ashley Hill

You, Who Inspire, Unknowingly - I Salute You!

When you think about your day today, and the problems to overcome, situations to resolve and your goals to obtain – do you think about who you might be inspiring, all unknown to you, … 229 more words

Why I Love


So everyday I wake up and think about you. I can’t wait to hear your voice, I can’t wait for your text. What is it about you that has me so intrigued? 335 more words