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I Have Risen

I was once reckless, 

and weak.

I had been far removed from connecting with the true foundation of who I was.

 However discovering who I was has brought me closer to the foundation of who I am. 41 more words

When You Feel Like You'll Never Be Good Enough

When you feel like you’ll never be good enough, just close your eyes, take a deep breath and remember these:

You are beautiful. And true beauty is more than skin deep. 170 more words

i. hands

the cold in my hands is an incurable disease i yearn to recover from. your hands are the insatiable warmth mine are looking for.

i know your fingers have grazed too many things, too many people to know the temperature of loss, but the heartbeats in my fingertips try to lead you home– where hands roam and grasp and fumble and feel and where the lines in our palms draw the paths in which our bodies move in the darkness. 196 more words


When I loved you last year

Last year, 
I wished you were here.
But you weren’t, you were there.
And there didn’t know how lucky it was. 

Last year,
I woke up in the morning smelling… 209 more words


Define You

Down from toes, up to head
With mind and heart
Defined, is a person
In knowledge, the mind is fed
Through good grows the heart… 36 more words