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Lana Del Rey - 'Ultraviolence'

From the renowned debut of ‘Video Game’ to The Great Gatsby celebrated theme song ‘Young and Beautiful’, the cinematic enchantress Lana Del Rey… 135 more words


Jeune et Jolie (Francois Ozon, 2014)

   Luego de Dans la maison (En la casa), que fue un thriller intenso y algo pretencioso, Ozon presenta Joven y bella (Jeune et jolie), una historia más sutil y moderada, protagonizada por una chica francesa hermosísima y poco conocida: Marine Vacth.   425 more words

Cinema Francais

[FICTION] The Great Gatsby: Inferno

I wrote this at midnight to the sultry voice of Lana Del Rey. As is surely evident by now, I am a huge fan of the book, I fell in love with the movie at CERTAIN moments (yes a qualifier is necessary) and I play the soundtrack on repeat when I’m feeling a mixture of whimsy and romance shot with futility.  282 more words


Being In Love

My husband and I were getting on each others nerves the entire time on our little family vacation with our 11 month old. I was to the point to where I just wanted to drink my sorrows and cry as soon as I got the chance to when I was alone. 289 more words

Young and Beautiful - Lana Del Rey

Là OST của bộ phim The Great Gatsby (Gatsby Vĩ Đại) thế nhưng Young and Beautiful đã vượt qua ngưỡng cửa của một OST và làm nên thương hiệu cho Lana trong mắt tín đồ điện ảnh. 933 more words

Lana Del Rey

Music Mondays : Lana Del Rey - Young & Beautiful

After seeing The Great Gatsby I fell in love with this song and Lana Del Rey. Her lyrics are edgy and a little dark. But great music and art sometimes come from sad times and heartbreak. 9 more words