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As the weather changes...

Good morning, Write Edge readers! The season of fall has officially begun, and we’ve seen little hints of the weather changing in our town. Have you seen it where you are? 212 more words


5 Sparks That Will Ignite a Love of Reading.

An early and joyful experience with books is the first and most important key to growing children into successful and happy readers. Here are 5 actions you can take right now to light that spark: 862 more words


Tips about moving to Buenos Aires with young children

Buenos Aires is a fabulous, vibrant city that has lots to offer families. Here are a few tips you might find useful to know about moving to the city . 448 more words

Young Children

Heavily decorated classrooms not best for young children

No doubt those of you with children at nursery or pre-school have looked around the classroom and been impressed by all the children’s work and other colourful information plastered on every available space. 57 more words


The Tooth, The Whole Tooth

& Nothing But The Tooth.

Awkward teaching question #275 – “Shut up, Freddie…The tooth fairy is real, isn’t she, Miss?” A cold shiver of panic runs through you. 191 more words

Why do younger children learn languages so easily?

Why do younger children learn languages so easily? To put it simply, the brain’s language center (Wernicke and Broca areas) is centrally located between lobes in your brain. 154 more words

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