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The Latest from Creation Magazine Live, Deep time?

Here is the latest segment from Creation Magazine Live.  Creation Ministries International from Canada has been running this live segment for some years now.  I have found a lot of value in these segments and watch them regularly.   30 more words


Friday Movie Night: Refutation Inspiration

Yes, I am a young earth creationist (Wow, there goes my 9 followers). If you’re not, if you think we evolved over billions of years, watch this video and THEN tell me that.


What Did I Just Watch?

So I finally got around to watching the season 3 finale of the Creation Today Show, and while I usually get a chuckle out of their antics, I was really put off by the finale. 707 more words


The Figurative Nature of God's Rest in Genesis

The ongoing debate about Genesis creation largely comes down to whether the first chapter of Genesis should be taken literally or figuratively. It’s common for Exodus 20:11 to be referenced because it seems to clearly reinforce a six-day timeframe. 1,533 more words


Divisive Apologetics

I have so many things I want to write, and I didn’t know how to pick which to write to start my return to my general discussions–so I ended up picking the one that had been fermenting in my mind the longest. 2,260 more words


Bible 2015: 1 January Daily Reading

about our daily Bible reading

we hope you enjoy today’s reading – please comment and share your thoughts for others

Thoughts and Context:

It is an ominous undertaking to begin the reading of God’s entire word. 2,472 more words


Building Cities

It is an odd thing, to cling to certain beliefs in opposition of strong evidence. I don’t mean the belief in a religion, as no evidence can take that from you, but belief in an inerrant Bible, completely free of contradictions? 853 more words