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A survey for those of religious faith

This is inspired by an exchange I had today with another blogger as well as the CARM survey that I filled out awhile back. These are three questions that I would ask of any fundamentalist or young earth creationist. 627 more words

Tree Ring of Truth

If you watched the debate between Ken Ham and Bill Nye, you may remember that Bill Nye used tree ring evidence to support the idea that there was not a global flood 4,000 ago.  194 more words


The Dangers of Young Earth Creationism

There is a very great and real danger facing our modern society today: stupidity. Stupidity manifests in many different ways but one of the most common is… 3,386 more words


How to be a Young Earth Creationist

Let’s face it, few people take Young Earth Creationism seriously.  The Darwinian mythos has so permeated the Western mind that few are able to consider non-Darwinian explanations of Earth’s history.   1,649 more words


We can't see atoms so that means god exists...

Science is freaking awesome and has provided humans a method of thinking that has helped us conquer our ignorance and superstition and it has taken us from the darkness of the night to the threshold of the stars. 569 more words


Why Genesis 1 is Figurative, Simply and Biblically

There is a simple way to see how the Bible itself points to figurative interpretation of Genesis 1. To see it, one must approach the text with the heart of a Berean, with a mind that’s open to questions, but even more open to the Word. 577 more words


Juju Kills

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve undoubtedly heard about the horrific Ebola outbreak. The disease has a fatality rate in the neighborhood of 90%, and the number of lives taken by this demonic virus is accelerating. 538 more words