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Building Cities

It is an odd thing, to cling to certain beliefs in opposition of strong evidence. I don’t mean the belief in a religion, as no evidence can take that from you, but belief in an inerrant Bible, completely free of contradictions? 853 more words


Helium Evidence for a Young Earth

Concerning zircons that had been dated at approximately 1.5 billion years old:

In 2001 we commissioned one of the world’s most respected experimenters in this field to measure the diffusivity of helium in the same-size zircons from the same borehole in the same rock formation. 

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Geology & Fossils


Some Creationist(s) got it in their head to start a new Twitter hash tag.  That’s not so important.  Unless you like watching atheists make fun of Creationists…which I do.  2,536 more words


More Young Earth "Reasons"

earth is around 6018 years old according to Bible backed by science

Evidences that show Universe is 6000
– no much settlement in bottom of the ocean despite erosion…

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FRAIG #4: Who Stole What?

Welcome!  This weeks Friday Refutation of Answers In Genesis, 21/11/14, covers the article The Stealing of America by Mike Riddle.

AIG is not the first or only Christian organization to argue the idea that the U.S. 1,752 more words


FRAIG #3: AIG Doesn't Like Arguments

Welcome!  First, let me apologize that this is coming out late.  Various other things in my life prevented me from being able to get to this in proper time.  2,219 more words


FRAIG #2: Trying to Halt Progress Against Cancer

Welcome!  This weeks Friday Refutation of Answers In Genesis topic was changed several times.  I have three generalized issues to take up with AIG and I couldn’t decide which one to present first.  1,529 more words