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BioLogos: How did God Create?

Whether you believe in a young earth, or an old one, BioLogos has an important perspective that is worth listening to!  Take a look.


"Stephen Hawking is an Idiot." -- Rudy

Well, at least he’s not “a demonic idiot” – like Lawrence Krauss. He and Hawking have both fallen for “Satan’s blue-ribbon lie.” Lucifer has a way of doing this to people, according to a YouTube video by “ 909 more words


Musings about god

These are genuine questions – I don’t understand why people blindly follow & worship him when there are SO many questions. Here’s just a few…

Thoughts & Questions

Thoughts on Intelligent Design

Now, I do have scientific reasoning for why I believe in intelligent design. I’m just not going to lay all of them down before you at this time. 559 more words

LDS Meanderings And Beliefs

Young Earther and Proud.

The Earth simply is not as old as scientist think it is.  I don’t fall in to the thinking of, “it was created with the appearance of age.”  I think the time/space distortion of creation best explains the concept, that from our point of view looking back at the point of origin it seems to be and for some purposes is old, but looking out from the point of origin it has only been 6000 +or -.   187 more words


Pants On Fire

I’ve got to tell you…  I’m mad.  Someone’s been lying to my friends.

I have many friends and family members who are Fundamentalists and Creationists. I don’t think they’re dumb. 902 more words


How Old is the Earth?

Although to most people the question of how old the earth is is not even on their radar, many Christians spend an exorbitant amount of time trying to figure this out. 614 more words