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Does fear control you?

This morning I came across this photo as I was scanning my FB news feed (Take a LONG look at it). I don’t know about you, but it really got to me. 223 more words

Young Entrepreneur

A New Company Skating into Town: Hunter Hedgepath’s Creative Vision

Winner of the Build-A-Business Camp “Overall Champion” and 1st Place “Senior Youth Category Champion”, Hunter Hedgepath of St. Robert, Missouri has a vision to give skaters what they ultimately crave; a custom, one-of-a-kind, hand designed skateboard to show off to all their friends. 237 more words


A very little fish in a very big pond.

Well here’s my first blog post! I’m always being told to try new sites such as WordPress, Instagram, Pinterest in my day to day life. Personally, I’m more of a Facebook girl and once in a while venture out to Twitter. 465 more words


Entrepreneurs with a Sweet Tooth: Kayla Huff and her Partner baking up some Business

“My name is Kayla Huff. I am a fifteen year old entrepreneur who lives in the small town of Montgomery City, Missouri”. When Kayla was one of my students at the 2014 Build-A-Business Camp hosted in Columbia, Missouri, I finally caught scent of her sweet desire to go above and beyond others and do something greater. 207 more words


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Young Entrepreneur cooking up an Idea: Cameron Courtwright Catering to the Customer

With a rich backstory, a creative name, and an impressive demeanor, few 13 year olds can knock you on your feet like Cameron Courtwright can. Warrensburg, Missouri hosted a summer business camp to cultivate young entrepreneurs and Courtwright is a powerful example of the amount of passion and ideal that can flow from a body fresh out of camp. 203 more words