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A Journey to Remember

It was Good Friday.  Hundreds of people were walking our annual Good Friday “Journey to the Cross” Experiential Worship Service.  From strollers to walkers, from big kids to little kids, people of all ages had just experienced Jesus riding into Jerusalem on his colt waving their palms and shouting “Hosanna!” Children started singing quietly “Sing Hosanna.” The mighty crowd entered the Upper Room with the disciples as little ones were eating “really flat bread” and complaining about the “sour” horseradish herbs of the Passover meal.  302 more words

Learning About Faith

16 and engaged.

On a cold Colorado evening, my future husband and I went on a walk. We walked through the snow, pushing each other and playing, we looked at lights and talked, then came home to warm up. 423 more words

Nadia and Peter.

Seven years we lived in a communal apartment in a big house near historic Arbat in

Moscow (Russia).

There were six tiny rooms and four families in the apartment. 296 more words


It's The Little Things, Isn't It?

I couldn’t resist sharing this, it’s a little ‘glitter globe’ Caden made me at daycare on Friday for Valentine’s Day. Aren’t I lucky?

This is one of the things about daycare that I think is great – Caden gets to do wonderful, messy, crafty activities that we might not have the supplies for at home … (or the creativity, mind you!) 29 more words

Young Family Adventures