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New Sexy Dominican Republic Escort ALERT!

Meet New Tour 69 Girl Estrellita! ! !

Age: 18yo

Height: approx. 5ft. 2 in.

Weight: approx. 100 lbs.

Bust: 34B (all natural, beautiful & perky) 117 more words


'7th Heaven' Star Stephen Collins Confesses to Sex Abuse of 3 Girls: 'I Did Something Terribly Wrong'

“7th Heaven” star Stephen Collins has admitted to inappropriate sexual contact with three female minors, People reports.

The actor released a statement to the publication in light of child molestation accusations that arose in the midst of his divorce proceedings. 387 more words

Local News

after hearing wild world sung in the evening in Izmir

she would
come to
my room
at 3am
after nights
at bars
in Santiago
to talk
of parents
her ex
the older… 32 more words

Other Writing

Why Girls Aren't Putting Their Hands Up In Class

Hands up if you ever felt intimidated, unworthy, or self-conscious about putting your hand up in class or a meeting.

Put your hand up if you felt like you couldn’t speak up. 931 more words

Media vs Women 2013

I ran across this really interesting video on Youtube, it pointed out some of the ways that women were lifted up during 2013, even though there were only like five ways but it also contrasted them of how they were still degraded by the media. 7 more words


People Like Him

I remember one time I went to McDonald’s with my friend and he accused me of cheating on him I remember one time I didn’t reply to my ex-boyfriend because I was so happy in my relationship with him, and he accused me of cheating on him I remember one time he went to put it in and my body didn’t let it happen because I was crying, and he accused me of cheating on him I remember vaguely but I remember well because usually when you forget about things, you’re in the sun on a vacation to Cuba, sipping something strong the bartender suggested to help you let your mind go meanwhile the only trip I ever got to take was the one I went on every time I woke up beside him and thought I have been picked up and dropped off somewhere along the arctic circle because his bed in the morning was the coldest place on earth sometimes I still wake up and wonder where I am, who I am, what I was, who I will be, and if he ever meant the things he said to me like “you’re worthless” and “no one will ever love you like I love you” by love, I think he meant manipulate or I guess it’d be boy-ipulate, because no real man would ever tell a seventeen year old girl that she isn’t wanted by anyone ever… 366 more words

Joining the Fight!

There’s a burn in my chest.

         And it won’t go out. There are tears in my eyes, witnessing injustice outright.

This war is so secretive. 80 more words