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Superhero Talk: The Pros and Cons of Having a Sidekick

     Welcome to another exciting issue of Superhero Talk! (name still being worked on).  Every Monday I will be talking about superheroes and the comic book world, whether that’s pitting two heroes against each other, talking about a hero’s back story, or discussing certain trends in superheros.   427 more words


The main reason I'm excited for Star Wars Rebels: Greg Weisman

So this fall we are going to see a new animated series set in the Star Wars universe. The first piece of Star Wars media to come out since the Disney buyout. 499 more words


With Kids Weekend on 9TV, GMA loses the "astig" and "authority"

THE NEW KIDS block on Channel 9 has just heralded your near-concluding long weekend at 7:00 a.m. The block was intended to air August 16 but it was moved to last Saturday, coinciding the renaming of Solar News Channel to 9TV– much living out the network name. 449 more words

Philippine Television

Knights who say "Niche"

Hello friends,


The Captain and I have decided to bone up on some small business basics. So we grabbed some used business books, opened those suckas, and rapidly shifted our eyes to and fro all sneaky like. 416 more words

Central City Underground Episode 02-Interview with Greg Weisman

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Listen to our interview with Greg Weisman.

Wondering where you’ve seen the name Greg Weiseman before? Pick one!