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 A few months ago this name honestly meant…… Nothing to me, it’s crazy how people meet and connect. How the outside looks different from the inside on the outside you see a handsome guy looks like the player type, but on the inside you get this amazing and sweet guy who’s gonna be by your side no matter what. 205 more words


I think it is safe to say that I am no longer a train wreck because of the disaster that we created together. I was trying so hard not to be in love with you because in my head there were so many reasons to keep us separate, but I fell in love with you anyway. 465 more words


Should be Huge - Young Love

Sometimes you have songs on your playlists that you never take off and you wonder why they are not huge hits … Can I be the only one listening to this? 90 more words


Constantly The Back-Up

Nothing is more confusing and has the ability to toy with emotions more than high school romances. Despite our young, constantly developing minds always telling us that no relationship is going to work out, we simply cannot helping giving our “temporary” significant other full control over our emotions. 191 more words


thank you

he was there again
and I was crying again,
and neither of us knew why

but then he wordlessly dug through his bag, pulled out his huge headphones, 68 more words


The Bearded Lady

Backwards moving,
In her dizzying field of vision,
Bloody heels from stiff formal shoes;
Feel the gliding, flying with each step.
The Man
Secretly smiles into her fair finger-waves; 206 more words

I Wrote This

Lessons my 9 year old brother teaches me.

Baby bro: I like her, but she likes James.
Me: What are you going to do?
Baby bro: Nothing. I can’t take her away from him. 40 more words