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Parker and Rita

Day 30: Write a short entry that ends with the line, “The silver dust of moonlight settled coldly on the night.”

Last Day of Vaycay: Do I have to leave???!??!! 316 more words

Grace Literate

July Is "Summer" Movies Month (Dub's Pick)

Summer with Monika (1953; Dir.: Ingmar Bergman)


By Mike Dub

On the surface, Summer with Monika, one of the major early films of Ingmar Bergman, contains all the hallmarks of a typical teen romance film. 508 more words

Movies Of The Month

Kinkyman Update (Part I)

So where do I even begin? It’s so hard to explain how something so wonderful turn into something so ugly. Well, I guess I should take you back to the beginning. 306 more words

long driveway/stars

Your parents had one of those long driveways, practically half a mile long tucked deep into the woods.

We would wait till they were asleep and make that walk to smoke cigarettes and pot. 352 more words

17 love


                       17 love

See that little ranch house, that’s where I transitioned into a woman.

That’s where my first love lived and a part of my soul still resides there. 238 more words


You see, it may be hard to believe that when you’re 17 and a senior in high school and you make the announcement that you are getting married everyone around you holds the applause. 237 more words



the last time I saw her:

she was condo sitting in Boca,
hadn’t seen her in months, not
since we broke the lease and
moved on to others. 376 more words