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Summer Reading| 'If I Stay' By Gayle Forman

My loves,

Every now and then I have been branching out of my traditional Beauty and Fashion posts. I hope all of you are actually enjoying this and not screaming at your computer screen for the next beauty product! 580 more words


Maybe Someday

I just recently read Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover. Overall, very cute. I guess when I was told to read this book I went in with very high expectations. 731 more words

Book Review

love, al :-)

>From: “emma68@adelphia.net>

>To: <elheimer@hotmail.com>

>Subject: same old story

>Date: Tue, 23 Jul 2002 01:54:58 -0700

>Another year goes by. Of course I still think of you, Alan. 438 more words


To my boyfriend,

I have to take our relationship day by day sometimes, because of a multitude of reasons.


Being away from you is hard. I’m in love with your being. 545 more words


Are You Here?

Your silence kills me more than the words you say
You hold my hand tightly but seem so far away
I asked you to be honest, didn’t I? 55 more words


The Dare

“I double dog dare ya!” said Butch.

What seemed like a good idea earlier didn’t seem so hot now that we were standing on the front lawn of old lady Havisham’s aged Victorian. 526 more words

My Fiction


It must have been two in the morning
both of us on the living room floor
the flickering of a late late show
casting shadow and light… 135 more words