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Teens! You Can Say No To Anal Sex

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I know your room is off limits. Could you stop texting your friends for a minute? I really want to hang out with you for a while. 367 more words



If we will die while the night grows dark,
We will both pass away happy.
We will be safe and cozy,
Waiting, just you and me. 102 more words


[Scans|Trans] CNBLUE Lee Jonghyun for Ceci Korea September 2014 Issue

True Romance

The look of love is various. The longing for each other that teeters on the brink of death like musician Sid and Nancy. … 523 more words


Mr. Right Now

Everyone has to go through different relationships in life to appreciate the one that’s meant to last. Though one may believe that each time it’s the one meant to last, there’s always that little gratification when it ends to know that there’s still your mr. 629 more words


Carpe Diem in the Eternal City

In Rome, everything that has ever been done has been done there. Whatever will happen has already happened there. Roman air is thick with history and the millions of spoken words that have ever been spoken. 358 more words



Noun: luck that takes the form of finding valuable or pleasant things that are not looked for (Merriam-Webster Dictionary) 

Finally, a word that perfectly describes what it was like meeting P (although I would say “valuable” and “pleasant” are both understatements!) Before I met P, I was convinced I would end up with someone at college who would likely be in some engineering/science/business major and would be just as competitive as me when it came to academics. 302 more words


Now i wouldn’t usually just copy and paste a quote from such a famous singer.. however this is so incredibly true, and I’m sure it could go the other way also. 52 more words