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No. I'm not.

I’m not loud.
I’m not annoying.
I’m not a loser.
I’m not a loud mouth.
I’m none of those things.

I hate that those words are apart of our history. 36 more words


It’s a weird thing: he and I. Our relationship is nothing like I’ve experienced before. We met only a little while ago, but our connection is already strong. 221 more words

Not-So Newlywed: The Art of Husbandry

Hi, I’m Cameron. I’m 22, 6’4, I’m not great at this whole blogging thing and I’m a not-so newlywed.

 I’ve been married to my adorable wife Sarah for One Year, One Month, Twenty-three Days, 21 Hours, 40 minutes & 19 seconds… 20… 21… 22… You get the point. 433 more words


Florida State You-niversity

This is a story of a love affair that has not begun. It is a tale of adoration, and hopefulness. It is the lyrics to every song that I sing, every poem that I write. 175 more words

Small Town Sadness

If this wasn’t a small town, I’d be over you by now. I’d be moving on, and you’d be old news. If this wasn’t a small town, I wouldn’t have to take the long way home just to avoid the back roads that you and I used to take. 113 more words

June 20th, 2014

I want to tell him that I love him. Because he drives me crazy. Because I see straight through his tough exterior. Because that beneath everything he is a great guy. 183 more words

"I know now that we never get over great losses; we absorb them."

First loves are never ending, even when they do. End, that is. My first love was a boy with luminous green eyes. They shined so bright that at times they became difficult to even look at, but they lit up my whole world. 225 more words