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The first time MIA felt that rush, the tingling sensation, the hard thumping of her heart, the shortness of breath she knew that they were all symptoms of love. 337 more words

Counseling Session on Love

There were a number of different things I learned about love when I was in a relationship, obviously. But what surprised me most was how much I learned about love as the relationship ended and I was going through the process of healing a broken heart. 174 more words

A Little Something Different, Sandy Hall

A Little Something Different is a book told from many other peoples point of view. Lea and Gabe like each other and everyone can see it but them. 199 more words


Old Ghosts...

I found this poem with my stuff and considering I don’t even remember writing it, it’s amazing the paper is still in mint condition. I even did an internet search to make sure I didn’t copy it somewhere ( ;) ) I probably wrote it in High School. 206 more words

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Young love.

Baby come on lets play around,
lets see the world go all round,
lets fly between that cloud,
lets scream out loud,
like the duck on the lake lets float around, 71 more words

Love lessons learned young

So I still have the opportunity to have great conversation with a past love.  I can only describe him as what will probably always be my greatest “what if”. 446 more words