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Nights With La Serenissima

It’s 1975 and thirty something Toritto is going on a business trip for the Great American travel company.

To Venice. Italy. Tough duty but someone has to do it. 685 more words

The Encouragement Place (Letter Six)


Dear Y.B.M.:

Down through the years in this country, we as a people have been known to be closely connected to the church.

My grandparents and parents are church-going people. 875 more words

"The Young Man Goes to College"

You’d think 6,570 days would’ve been long enough for me to get used to the idea that one day The Boy would pack his bags and move away.

477 more words

Rumble, Young Man, Rumble

Hilltop Hoods released part 2 of their double album release called Walking Under Stars. Check out this track from the Aussie kings it’s a banger!


I used to be

I used to be one of them,

One of those young boys shaking their angry fist at the establishment. Standing on a soapbox, shouting with all their might, how change MUST come. 304 more words

Irregular Heatbeat