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The Value of Working Hard and Smart (Letter 20)


Dear Y.B.M.:

I do not want to sound like I am preaching to you, but to start this important letter, I must ask you to please take note of the following verses from the Book of books: 815 more words

Who is... the Morning Dew?

Οι Morning Dew έχουν τις ρίζες τους στην πόλη Topeka του Kansas, η οποία γέννησε πολλά groups ιδιαίτερα κατά τη δεκαετία του 1960. Πρόκειται για μια πόλη με ιδιαίτερη μουσική ιστορία, η οποία -εκτός του ότι μας χάρισε τους … 72 more words

Who Is...

Learn About Where You Come From (Letter 19)


Dear Y.B.M.:

I trust that you are doing well today.

This is just a short letter to encourage you to learn more about your heritage and where you came from. 570 more words

Being an Adult

It took twenty-one years for my life to fall apart. Looking back on it, I suppose it happened gradually. A family member I didn’t really know too well offing himself. 998 more words

Fictional Story

Talk and Listen to Every Older Man Past Fifty That You Possibly Can (Letter 18)


Dear Y.B.M.:

I realize that you may feel more comfortable with those who are of the same age as you. However, may I suggest to you that it is very important that you spend some quality time talking to and listening to every older black man past fifty that you possibly can? 899 more words