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VIDEO: Young MC's "Principle's Office"

Yo, if you think this video is bad, just wait until you see the review for this album.

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Young MC: The Hip-Pop Monster Strikes Again

This week, we’re devoting to Young MC and his colossal hit album Stone Cold Rhymin’. Now, Young MC was younger when he recorded Stone Cold Rhymin’  461 more words

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11 Rappers Who Failed To Live Up To Their Potential

As a rapper, it’s one thing to create a quality work that gains a lot of attention and signifies you as a talent to watch. It’s another thing entirely to continually live up to those expectations time and time again. 710 more words


Confession: I am an avid car dancer and singer

And no, that does not mean I dance and sing on cars like crazed car models (or what I assume models do at car shows, like… 274 more words


Slammin' (A&M, 1990)

Compiled by Steve Wolfe and released on the A&M label in late 1990, Slammin’ looks like one of those ubiquitous dance compilations that were… 383 more words

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