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The Lost Mentors

Have you ever noticed how most pastors don’t preach on Lamentations? Even the name is depressing. Yet hidden in the book of Lamentations, we find ourselves. 497 more words


First of all, ew.

Men can be scum. Ok, I partially retract that statement. Young men can be scum.

Many of the young adults that I look up to in my life have all told me that guys are not worth looking at twice until they are at least 27. 196 more words

Young Adult

Must Wear Watch

Last week I was going through my old high school keepsakes (mine fit in a hatbox, my husband’s span two countries, but this is neither the time nor place for that complaint) when I came across what used to be one of my most valued possessions. 944 more words


Feed Your Young Men Well

This young man is John Leslie Brown, son of Les Brown.  He presented that talk at a Manpower Conference in 1999.  Now, just as then, this young man has more force to his words, power in his countenance, and understanding of the power within him than many men 3x and 4x his age. 57 more words



I was just trying to recall actually how long I have been having sex with John, JT I’ll call him……no, that makes me think of Justin Timberlake – but I think its about 18 months or even more. 909 more words

Where Are You Going?

Men are classically known for refusing to ask for directions and refusing to admit they are lost.  Do not deny it, you have done it too.   445 more words