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A Young Man Enters A Bar

After work a young man enters a near-by bar He sits down at the bar and orders a drink Presently a female voice whispers to him in a most seductive manner telling him how handsome he looks Startled he looks around for the source of this most alluring voice and finds absolutely no one As he takes a sip of his drink the voice whispers again how charming how attractive how exciting he looks And again he quickly glance all around  for a glimpse of this intriguing young sounding female and again sees no one matching the voice Rattled he asks the bartender if he has just seen a young lady in the bar He remarks how he just heard this voice praising his looks Oh the bartender says that sound is coming from the bowel of peanuts on the bar in front of you THEY’RE COMPLIMENTRY


Gliceryn Takes The Stage

How do you measure success in your music career?

I would say we’re successful when our music is exposed to a well received audience.

What is the most unusual place you have ever played a show or made a recording?  267 more words


A Father's Advice

“I like to believe that you would have been a young man people paid attention to and that you would have brought some good to this world that is desperately in need of help. 336 more words


Close Encounters With Wild Life - Zen Summer Training

Our lucky break yesterday afternoon was having Scott with us during the afternoon work party.


Adversity comes in many forms, we all have it.

It might be the absence of a father growing up and all that’s entailed in that. It might be financial struggles, relationship problems, educational failures, the death of a parent or even health issues. 319 more words

Karen and Dale - Couple

Here we go with another wonderful couple session!

Karen and Dale were a fantastic couple to shoot because their love for each other was totally apparent throughout the whole shoot….No amount of bugs or humidity could shake ‘em! 55 more words


What does it mean to take upon myself the name of Jesus Christ?

Covenant.  Renew.  Fulfill.

When we are baptized, we covenant to take upon ourselves the name of Jesus Christ. We renew this covenant when we partake of the sacrament (see… 2,383 more words