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Here we are...

I have been compelled to write lately.
I’m going to try to make this a regular thing as I really do have a lot floating around in my head that I’m convinced I’m not alone in thinking…well at least I hope I’m not alone…!

One door closes and two doors open

You know what? I miss him I really do and it hurts. When I think about it. But I’m also really happy. I’ve been having friends around and I’m even going to the pub tomorrow. 98 more words

Baby Sophie Rose x Week 37

Dear Sophie,

If you were born now, you would be considered full term. You wouldn’t be done with growing (although looking at my bump, you’d think there wasn’t any space left for that!). 621 more words


I'll be gone, gone tonight

It’s been another night of rows over silly things and I’m feeling so drained emotionally. He would shout at me for asking with help with the baby, and at times shout at me while she was on his lap. 142 more words

Our life.

Isn’t it weird how nothing in life turns out like you imagined it would be, like you planned?

I always knew I’d be a young mother. 631 more words