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Little bugger

Good afternoon everyone,

I thought I would just give you a little insight to let you know how my Wednesday morning is going so far. 202 more words

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You’ve got a friend in me

There are many times I sit and think about my past and think of how different things could be. If I had gone about things in different ways and the thought of ‘what if‘, … 593 more words

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Having a baby when you're still a baby

Teen mums.

It’s the topic no one wants to discuss in fear of being offensive.

As someone who is longing to be a mother myself, I both admire and pity the girls who chose to have a baby while still at school. 505 more words

Fussy Eating Phase

One of the biggest worries when you become a parent is when your child is eating – or rather, NOT eating!

It’s so frustrating and worrying, but one thing that reassures me is that it never lasts for long. 338 more words


Being a young mum

Being a mum at only 20 years of age¬†surprisingly doesn’t scare me one bit, am I just naive or am I meant for this?¬† 493 more words

Debunking Myths.

I’m not sure if you guys are alot like me, and when you found out you were pregnant you had beautiful little visions of your perfect, teardrop bump, your glowing skin, your calm moods (because you know you’re blessed, you know you’re so content growing life) and your beautiful nursery – all set up with a seemingly endless budget. 1,197 more words


My Sleep Training Nightmare!

Long gone are the days where literally all my LO needed was some milk and a change of nappy for her to sleep! When she turned 18 months we felt that it was the perfect time to start sleep training, as she had gotten into a really bad habit of waking up at night and then crying to be taken into our bed. 382 more words