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Being a young mum

So there I was in August 2007, pregnant at the age of 18.

I’d been with my then partner for almost 4 years and this baby was very much planned. 571 more words

Out and about with a baby: top tips!

  1. As soon as they’re old enough to find a toy they like, never ever lose that toy. SB is obsessive about her Lamaze ‘Emily’ doll…
  2. 560 more words

Things I wish I knew about being a parent before becoming one.

1.going out anywhere will never be the same.

Once you become a parent, time shifts. That quick trip to the shop in your jammies will now become a 45 minutes panic just to pick up some sugar. 684 more words


Young, single and NOT ready to mingle.

Being a teenager, you want to get yourself out there,have some fun and meet someone.

Sadly that all changes when you have a child, you don’t even have time for a bath never mind a boyfriend! 244 more words



My name is April Matthews, I’m 19 years old and Scottish. 3 months ago I agonisingly gave birth to the most wonderful little boy in the world, Jesse Paul Matthews, I am writing this blog to let other mums out there know are not alone and it’s okay to feel the way you do sometimes. 198 more words


Too Young To Be A Mum

I’m a young mum. 23 this year although only 21 when I had my little bundle of joy. But no, this does not mean I was accidentally knocked up, that my life has been ruined, and it most certainly does NOT mean I’m not a good mum! 537 more words