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Blog Life.

Blogs. Something I have always wanted to have a go at but never had, the time or the kind of life to blog about. But April this year all that changed when I discovered that I was going to become a mum! 222 more words

First Time Mum

Comparison is the stuff of nightmares.

Since my last post, we have gotten to our exciting halfway point! We had our 20 week scan yesterday and I was so relieved for them to tell us that our little boy was perfectly healthy and growing exactly how he needed too, and even though I felt calm and that I knew inside myself that it was all fine, I could not stop stressing in the lead up to our scan. 1,204 more words


The Mummy Tag

Hi everyone, I’m back. Sorry I have been gone so long, I have been extremely busy lately and because of this I just wanted to make a quick post. 1,119 more words

Mummy Tag

The Beginning, The Almost End and the Start Over.

About four months ago my husband and I got well, hardly the shock of our lives, but more so a little dose of reality; not trying to get pregnant but not doing anything to avoid getting pregnant usually means sooner or later yo’ gonna get pregnant. 1,526 more words


The Waiting Game

I’m not going to talk a lot about my pregnancy because to be honest its not much of a story, it pretty much went as all the books said it should, what I¬†would like to tell you is to ignore every story and every wives tale that any woman tells you during your pregnancy, especially the ones about giving birth! 523 more words