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Back to School...Oh Wait I'm a Real Adult

Starting my career four months before the rest of my grade graduated didn’t do it to me. Hearing about the adventures of senior spring semester didn’t do it to me. 247 more words

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3 Ways To Enjoy Wearing Colors // STEP 1

Hello Everyone,

On Monday I started Detoxing The Black in my business attire as I see so much dark suits at the headquarters on a daily basis. 139 more words

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Shoutout to my young professionals

Last night I attended a great event called EnviroRun. It’s an awesome program that runs in several different cities. It’s networking mixed with exercise mixed with tourism mixed with education, and I highly recommend it! 475 more words


Job Searching - How To

Between writing cover letters, ten pages too long of applications, and finding a job to apply for in the first place is stressful and gets old quickly. 598 more words


Bae or Nah

This Blog post is dedicated to all of my past relationships. Or more suiting “Baes” .Whether it was short lived or we still talk from time to time. 719 more words

Young Professional

back at it

It’s been a while. I got swept up completely: in work, in savoring the last few weeks of school, in work opportunities, in frandship, in parties, in everything that comes with a huge life transition (and a geographic one!). 57 more words


Workplace Wednesday: The Work Spouse

Hello! We missed you! Thank you all for being so patient with Workplace Wednesday, as it has taken a small sabbatical. This week we are back with a controversial topic: the work spouse. 104 more words

Workplace Wednesday