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Top 5 :: Handbags for Young Professionals

If there’s one thing I have too many of, it’s handbags. They’re definitely my fatal flaw and a habit I just know will lead to the utter annihilation of my budget. 475 more words


Where are my PR people?


I haven’t done much writing since my last post right before graduation but that is all about to change.

So, let me give you an update: 235 more words

Public Relations

Must-Have Shoes

They say that you can never have too much of a good thing, but I think that’s totally not true! For example, it’s so easy to accidentally hoard  829 more words


5 reasons UN staff should consider working outside the “system” for learning

5 reasons UN staff should consider working outside the “system” for learning

Yes, I was born in the so-called “system” of the UN! As an idealist student of international relations, I had decided to be part of the great and noble organization that the UN is. 677 more words



624.49 Miles, 9 hours and 30 minutes, and approximately $100.00 of gas later I arrived back in Orlando, FL to begin my life as a “young professional” who knew where he wanted to go in life, but didn’t know where to begin. 1,154 more words


Goodbye Calgary, Hello Buenos Aires

I literally just googled “How to start a blog about travelling”…

How do you start a blog about living in a country I have never been to before (Argentina), to learn a language I can quite simply order a beer in (una cerveza por favor) and work for 6 months for a tech start up company (Wideo)? 355 more words


Workplace Wednesday: Meal Prepping

Meal prepping is an ever increasing popular trend. Although the idea has been around forever, I feel like it has gained more and more momentum in the last couple years. 260 more words

Workplace Wednesday