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Saying "No"...to things you enjoy.

Are you a young professional trying to use your twenties or early thirties who is trying to prove to your boss, your colleagues, or even yourself that you have what it takes to “make it”? 381 more words


William Acker of Miami University’s Running Lifestyle

Throughout all of his upbringing, William Acker of Miami University displayed high levels of energy and a knack for physical exercise. He had played football, soccer, baseball and basketball in his much younger years, but then developed an affinity for golf at the age of 10. 211 more words

William Acker Miami University

Fall Outfit: From Off-Duty To Business // Dress Up With Me


Hello Everybody! How to dress up casual wear for business? I love if clothing and style works for both, off duty and also for the office.  625 more words

Young Professional

Can God Use Your 9-to-5?

So you work in the city, own house, marital status is just as you want it to be, dressed up everyday and commute to work in a tall office.  944 more words


Life lessons, part 1

When I went out on the street, I had just one purpose in mind, see a house to rent. When I was at the bus station, a 70 year old man greet and told me he needed to go to his house and take the bus number 12. 248 more words


As many of you showed interest in the progress of my Dublin plans I made a quick website so I can keep you all up to date. 214 more words


Thank You

A few months ago I had the idea to create a blog. I didn’t know what I would call it, what I would write about, or who would read it. 140 more words