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5 Tricks To Stay Hydrated At Work

Why am I so bad at drinking a generous amount of water during the day in the office? It isn’t really that difficult, is it?!…I hope you do better than me. 352 more words

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Want to start investing?

Perhaps, you’ve heard it on the news… Apparently, millennials are less comfortable with investing in the stock market than with saving cash.

That sounds realistic to me. 269 more words


Why I'm happy and how it got that way

I was a little afraid to post that title at first, in fear of summoning the bad luck demons into my life. But I can’t get around the fact that: yes, I’m indeed quite happy at the moment. 


Is Wet Hair To Work Okay For You?

Have you ever done wet hair to work? I’ve seen Manhattan Ladies doing so but never tried myself – until today. After exciting DLD days and a full working weekend prior to that I had little sleep and many thoughts to process…all in all too little time for a blow-dry hair day. 161 more words

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6 Tips for Using Vocus PR Software

Last week, I had the opportunity to take a short roadtrip to Vocus’s College Park office for a special training session regarding their public relations management software. 436 more words


Why Unpaid Internships Are Impairing Your Organization’s Growth

The benefits of internships are endless. Interns gain experience, responsibility, knowledge, and confidence. Today, interns and internships are a norm in organizations. While internships are held to favor the intern, there are ways in which the organization can benefit. 849 more words


2 Day Conference Outfits

Hello Everybody,

two fantastic days at the DLDwomen 14 conference here in Munich! Thank you, Antonia from DLD, who made it happen for TATH to be part of this outstanding conference. 348 more words

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