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Millennials in the Workplace

A hot topic of discussion in the business world as of late seems to be millennials in the workplace, with people weighing in both positively and negatively on the matter. 303 more words


For When You Need Courage to Fill the Blank Space

One time, in middle school, I played this game with peanut butter m&ms. I was with a group of girls I wasn’t necessarily comfortable with, but we all sat in a circle, in a (chilly) cabin in northern Michigan, and each person took one of each color m&m. 977 more words

It’s funny how easily an inspired rush to quickly create a blog (again) can turn into a night of reading poetry. Okay, so everyone may not be able to relate to that, but this poetry serves as an origin for the title of this blog.

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Global Development

Giving Back and Taking Control

Friday was the first time I spoke to a group of strangers about my career path. It was a weird sensation as I have never looked back at all I have accomplished in the past 7 years. 171 more words

Welcome to "Finding that Balance"

Hello there!

Thank you for your curiosity! This page will be about being a young professional and the joys and challenges of creating a happy, balanced life. 22 more words


What were you today?

The moment it hit me, I felt overwhelmed. How can I possibly wear so many “hats” in one day in my late 20s? I don’t even have children, yet my day is filled with (what feels like) an endless amount of roles and responsibilities…. 644 more words

Self Reflection

Rome wasn't built in a day, neither is your twitter presence

Fun Fact: I’ve been on Twitter since I was 16. (Here’s proof)

So, that was 6 years ago, back when Myspace was still cool and the only people who had Twitter were probably only me and my best friend.  756 more words

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