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Take Care of Yourself

By Victoria Barrett (My Bestie!!)

For me, self-care is analogous with self-discovery. In the past few years, I’ve served abroad in an orphanage, completed grad school while working at a community mental health center, and now serve as a foster care counselor. 589 more words



This blog has been a long time coming. Too long.

I’ve felt the need to write every encounter, idea and thought I’ve had since graduating from university and moving to California. 114 more words

23 Year Old

Culture Shock

I was born and raised in Indiana. I’m fortunate that I’ve been able to travel fairly often and experience different cultures and see the world beyond my own backyard. 333 more words


2 questions and 5 statements I got from work

I have been working as a sourcing associate for 4 months now. I see it as burden and a blessing. It is a burden because I am in a position of seeing what the candidates are going through and their reasons of applying for a job – death of loved one, separation, bankruptcy, debts, etc. 805 more words


Job Interview Horror Stories: AT&T Ret(hell)

“I’m a customer,” she says. “Approach me.”

I hate role playing.

“I just walked in,” she says. “I’m looking at phones. Okay. Come over.”

If I had to choose between job interview role playing and polishing a trumpet while the trumpet player is trumpeting, I would choose the trumpet. 744 more words


With My Pockets Sewn Shut

I tried for the umpteenth time that day to put my phone in my pocket. I was reminded yet again that my dress pants don’t have real pockets, just slits there to tease you.  344 more words

Growing Up

...My Other Housemate is a Reclusive Journalist

When I get back from work the first thing I do is make my lunch for the next day. This is usually followed by chopping carrots for my mid-morning snack, making a fancy coffee with my machine, grabbing some chocolate and sprawling out in front of the TV. 1,308 more words